Work with Lena

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You’re smart, you’ve got amazing friends, you are an amazing friend, you’re well-traveled, you’re successful in business. So, why does dating feel so hard?

You get anxious just thinking about going on a date. And when you’re with a man you feel so awkward. Making small-talk, trying to be interesting, hoping he’ll like you, wondering if he’ll call.

You’ve read all the books, tried all the apps and the speed-dating and friend set-ups and nothing works for you.

I am here to work for you!

I used to think successful dating depended on my weight or my clothes or my hairstyle. So I spent the entire time thinking about how I looked and wondering if he liked me. I spent my time and energy trying to be interesting enough to get asked for a second date. What I didn’t get was – I never did the one thing I needed to do to get asked for a second date!

Maybe dating one wrong man after another makes you miserable. You can’t be in misery and in love at the same time.

Maybe you’re so burnt out that you stopped dating. You can’t start a relationship by going back and forth between dating badly and not dating at all.

You want to be in a committed, fulfilling romantic relationship with a quality man, be welcomed into a loving family, be included in holiday dinners and children’s weddings and grandchildren’s graduations …

That’s where I come in.

Lena gave me the tools to engage others through the lens of love. Now I understand that my results are dependent on me and not what’s happening around me, and when I was persistent in doing the work my relationships flourished. I communicate much more effectively with my husband and I was able to create and receive the blessing of new positive relationships and experiences.