“Lena has been an extraordinary dating coach for me.  Together we discuss personal goals and choices that remind me that I am on this path to finding my forever man.  She reminds me to set boundaries, put myself first, and move on from anything that does not serve my vision for myself.  Her input is so inspiring and I can feel myself getting closer to the dream job, man, and life that I have envisioned for myself.  She’s the best!”

Nancy M.

Lena is a phenomenal Life Coach! I always look forward to her coaching sessions. She is positive, upbeat and gets to the root of what’s happening within. I turned to her about a year ago and she helped me see what was really holding me back from the life I wanted to live. I learned through her coaching sessions how to distinguish between thought patterns of intentional vs unintentional so I could change my thoughts to focus on making changes in my life. As a result of Lena’s life coaching, I am juggling a successful career, soon to be published author and launching my own company.  I committed to the internal work of her program to improve my own life and realized, you can have it all! Thank you Lena for your compassion, inspiration and invaluable life coaching.

Vicki V.

“Lena, thank you so much. I learn something new every time we talk. I thought about what we discussed and how positive I feel afterwards. You’re very comforting to talk to and put things into perspective for me. Day by day is a struggle but I’m learning to cope and not be afraid to show emotions…to anyone.”

Kellie O.

“My journey with Lena started as a co-worker seeking advice from time to time.  As our friendship grew, so did my advice seeking.  Lena has always made me think outside of my comfort zone and turn the questions around me.  More than anything, she makes me think!  She doesn’t always give me the answers to the advice I’m seeking or questions I’m asking, but rather asks me questions back that in turn leads me to my answers.”

Christine N.

January 2017

“I see dark forests, she sees shining paths. I see a shattered career, she sees a beautiful mosaic blend of old and new. I see isolation, she sees connection. Everyone needs a spark at some point in their life. Lena Ehrenberg is the keeper of the fire. The seer who helps point the way. Come, begin the work now.”

Addendum, April 2018

Lena really helped me identify the reasons I wanted to leave my job and create an exit plan that left me feeling happy and in control of the process. I never looked back and have never regretted leaving a hostile work situation. Rather than staying trapped and miserable, Lena helped me see the value I added to the company and I left—- not feeling ashamed of being bullied by a co- worker—— but proud of the great feedback I received from the patrons at the library.

Most importantly, I was able to see the world as a place of possibility and I was eager and open to the next good thing in my life. A few months later I was asked to spearhead a large, creative project and have never been more fulfilled and happy!

Thank you Lena!

Vicky T. – Author and Storyteller