Love, Dating, Marriage and Really Knowing What You Want

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Love and Really Knowing vs. Really Wanting

Now that the cacophony of “The First Week of the New Year 🎉🎉🎉” has let off its steam it’s time to take stock. Is the plan you decided on in December going to lead you into the committed romantic relationship you really want?

I use that phrase a lot – the romantic relationship you really want, the supportive partnership you really want, the marriage you really want, but here’s what I’ve been thinking about this new January – 

There’s a huge difference between really wanting something and really knowing what you want.

Do you know for sure that you want to be married, or to be a partner in a committed relationship? That may seem like an odd question, but …

Are you certain that this dream isn’t something other people in your life want for you, or something you think you ought to want because “everybody else” has it?

How do you know what you want in love?

Ask yourself, “What do I really want for my love, for my life? 

Now wait quietly. 

How does it feel in your body – particularly in the pit of your stomach? Do you feel determined or a little nervous? That’s good; feeling very nervous is even better! Why? Because your ultimate love relationships and happiness are important and worth it!

If you’re not getting a clear sensation, ask yourself this, “What do I really want for this time in my love and my life?”

Because here’s another secret of the Universe – as you evolve your desires can as well. You’re not twenty anymore, and you don’t have to keep going after the desire you had when you were.

Yes, I do know what I want in love.

If your body is telling you, yes, you do want a romantic relationship with a high quality man who makes you feel cherished, desired and loved, are you really ready to do what it takes to create it? 

Doing what it takes is going to involve allowing all your feelings, especially nervous or scared, unsure and even out of control – and if that’s why you’ve stopped yourself in the past, please allow me to guide you on your journey. Start out simply – read my posts on social media:

I can’t promise that “You Will Meet the Man of Your Dreams in 30 days 🎉” (Please do yourself a favor and run from anyone who does promise you this.)

I can only promise that your experience of yourself, your relationships, your life, will be changed for the better forever.