The gift of love doesn’t come in a box!


We’re living in a time of so much possibility and opportunity. And it’s your time to create the romantic transformation in your life that you so deeply desire.

You don’t want just an average guy and an ordinary relationship, so you know it’s not about setting resolutions and then waiting and hoping. 

To create your best life, you need to set yourself up to manifest an enriched romantic relationship with a high-quality man – the kind you want and deserve. That takes a process, and I’ve adapted mine from Marie Forleo’s Year in Review. She provided the original 3 Q’s, and for your richest results, I’ve expanded on them for greater insight into your real A’s.

Let’s continue with a deep dive into the second question. Whether you are working each step week by week or waiting to sit down and do it all together, for optimum enjoyment create an environment that you find lovely and luxurious and feeds your imagination and soul.

1) What mistakes did I make that taught me something?

The most important part of that question is – THAT TAUGHT ME SOMETHING. Really. This is not an opportunity to become fixated on what didn’t go per your plan and beat yourself up over it.

One of the most powerful ways to create positive change in your life is to have a firm grasp on how you arrived at the point you’re at now – that’s how you’ll learn what you need to do. 

When you try to change a situation without knowing which of your actions are or aren’t creating your desired results, you might be changing something that is working, and that’s just counter-productive. 

After you’ve made a list of the experiences that carried a lesson, decide which one has the most fuel for you to work from right now and ask – what is one mistake I made and the lesson I learned? 

2)  How can you relate it to romantic relationships?

Know one mistake you made this past year and the lesson you learned from it? Now take it and apply it to a romantic situation. Here’s how:

I was co-hosting a series of workshops with another coach who told me she wanted to cut back on them to make room for other things. She never said she wanted to stop. There were options to keep them going, but at some point, I decided that she didn’t want to do them anymore.

I started to pull back. In the last workshop I didn’t announce the one that was coming up. I had a thought about something she’d said and started to act in opposition to the outcome I wanted. The upshot was the workshop series ended because of me.

I can’t tell you how many times in budding romantic relationships I created this outcome. A man would say something that I decided meant he didn’t really want to be with me, and I started to act in ways that ended the possibility of going forward.

What about you? What assumptions are you making, actions are you taking, that are creating the polar opposite outcome in your romantic relationships from the one you desire?

How are you keeping yourself from love?

3) How can you break this pattern that’s keeping you from love?

The first step to not repeating your past is owning your present. Don’t shy away from seeing what is really happening and the part you play in it.

The patterns you experience in your life aren’t originating in the men you meet or the situations you encounter. Your patterns don’t come from outside yourself, they come from you repeating your old thoughts that have become beliefs, and then acting on those beliefs.

Here’s your gift – it’s very simple to change the things that need to change to ensure you create the outcomes you desire! Since nothing is coming from outside yourself, all of this is well within your control. 

You have the ability to create the enriched romantic relationship, the marriage, the family – the joy – you really, really want!