Keep Going! 3 more ways to manifest love!

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You’re a business rock star! How’d you build your success? Tenacity, determination and every degree necessary – even if your diploma is from the school of hard knocks. Just like a house built on sand won’t stand firm in a high wind, if you haven’t done your deeply personal foundational work, the actions you take in dating have nothing to hold fast to.

Even if you feel like you’ve already done everything possible, there is always the opportunity to do something in a different way. Sometimes that way is to build a rock-solid foundation for your self-perception.

Ready to launch into the third phase of your manifesting journey?

1) Elevate your perception of your self worth and love your outcome!

You may have heard that you attract men on your same energetic level and may think that means if men don’t value you that there’s a problem. If they don’t act the way you think you deserve you may blame them or question yourself, your desirability, your lovability. 

The truth is, you attract all kinds of men, but the ones you choose to engage with are men on your level of belief and self-perception.

Although you might love yourself, your belief in yourself evidenced by your active, everyday perception of yourself and your lovability might not be on the level necessary to act as a beacon to the dating universe. 

To put it bluntly, you might not be treating yourself as well as you could. You might not be treating yourself as well as you’d like a man to treat you, and it’s very true that we teach people how to treat us. Take this simple test. 

How do you talk to yourself when you’ve made a mistake?

The A to this Q will tell you everything you need to know about your self-love vs. your self-perception.

If you don’t treat yourself with the level of kindness and compassion you’d expect from another person, especially your romantic partner, it’s time to actively elevate your self-perception. You’ll start to treat yourself better, and you’ll find more men treating you better too!

2)  Increase your right belief, manifest your right love 

The only way to elevate and expand your perception of yourself is to be onto yourself – notice when you’re not doing it well and correct yourself in the moment. Show yourself compassion, have patience, speak kindly, and pretty soon it will become a habit. 

Own your absolute, undeniable lovability and become the woman who has your right love in your every waking hour. 

How? Cultivate different beliefs. Think highly of yourself, not in an egotistical way, in a loving and appreciative way. Having an undue sense of your self-importance is not really thinking highly of yourself at all; it’s only a cover for insecurity.  

Teach yourself to appreciate the things about you that others do. And perhaps even more important, teach yourself to show yourself the same compassion and empathy in trying moments that you show to people you love. 

Next time you make a mistake, before you tear yourself down, remind yourself that you are one of the people you love, speak as kindly to yourself as possible, have empathy for yourself, bring yourself some flowers.

Believe the best about yourself and your chances of creating the romantic partnership you desire. And in moments of doubt, believe that you can believe.

3) When you create your best love, allow it to stay

What happens when you meet a man to whom you are very attracted, who sparks something in you that hasn’t been ignited in a long, long time, and he treats you exactly the way you’ve always wanted someone to treat you?

What happens if he brings you flowers, gives you compliments, buys you dinner and gifts, tells you how beautiful you are, and says he is actually seeking the woman with whom he will fall in love and get married?

Do you feel excited or suspicious? Do you accept him with open arms, or look for every possible fault? Do you believe him or wonder, what’s the catch? Do you practice self-care or self-sabotage? 

Studies show that winners of huge lottery payouts are bankrupt or in severe financial distress within 3-5 years. Why?  Because they have not raised their level of belief. Mentally they have not become the person who can have a healthy, supportive partnership with that amount of money, so off it goes.

Elevate your own belief system and your perception of yourself. Become the woman who has the exact relationship you desire – before he appears. Do it now, because if you don’t your rightest match may arrive, and just as quickly he may go.


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