On a roll! 3 more ways to manifest love!

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It’s true; being grateful for all the things you already have while being specific about what you desire is integral to manifesting, and so is the second step. Some people call it not being attached to the outcome, I call it – Surrender!

It’s counterintuitive, isn’t it? How can you be specific about what you want to manifest while not being attached to the outcome?

I believe that in the same way expressing gratitude for what you already have is the key to unlocking more, better, grander attainments, trusting it will be delivered in its right form is what will enable you to see it and accept it when it comes, because it may not look the way you want it to.

Let’s step into the second phase of your manifesting journey.

1) To manifest the love you want embrace what truly creates

No matter how much you dream, envision or plan for yourself, the view from the ground is always limited. God (the Universe, Source, The Eternal, etc.) has an overarching, expansive, unlimited magnificent view of all your qualities, desires, hopes, abilities, expectations and your ultimate purpose. 

When you are attached to the way a man must be; his looks, height, hair color, title, whatever you’ve believed to be important, you may miss out on seeing the one who is truly meant for only you.

Allow that your Source is the true Creator and create space for your right match to step into. Rather than looking only for the things you think you want, be open and allow yourself to see a man for who he is and be surprised and delighted by his best qualities. 

Once you’ve made that space, take the most difficult and yet vital action possible – release resistance, surrender and trust that the relationship that serves your highest and best good is in process of being made manifest – real – to you both.

2)  You’re getting exactly what you need to manifest the love you want

Think there’s a problem because your romantic pathway has been strewn with everything from pebbles to potholes and there’s no end in sight? 

Contrary to popular belief, dating isn’t a punishment, it’s a process through which you learn who you are, what you want and how to become the woman you want to be in relationship with your ultimate romantic partner.

Trust that your Source is giving you what you need in each moment – even if they are things you don’t necessarily want. See each stone strewn on your path not as a hurdle, but as a step to elevate you.

For example, my boyfriend and I have very different approaches to religion and spirituality – although he does have his (that’s high on my EQ list).

I spent some time thinking we just weren’t well-suited to each other because of these differences, although I’ve evolved to realize the differences between us give me an ever-present lens through which to evaluate and recommit to my own beliefs, while accepting and allowing him to have his own.

Think about this – the higher you climb and the more elevated your understanding becomes while dating, the less hard work you’ll need to do when you finally meet your match!

3) What is yours in love cannot go to anyone else!

What is rightfully yours cannot go to another, and yet …

If you’re so limited in the scope of what you want, and discount anything outside its bounds, your right match might slip past. Don’t have your eye so focused on the ultimate prize that you aren’t surprised and delighted with the expansive view along the way. Enjoy the unfoldment, your elevation to each new level of understanding and be ready to have the most enjoyable, healthy, loving romantic partnership possible. 

It’s not happening fast enough for your taste? Unfoldment moves in accord with divine timing, not yours or anyone else’s. Nothing has gone wrong here.

Manifesting your first-class relationship isn’t about getting to the finish line quickly. It’s not about living from event to event, it’s about living in the experiences that unfold along the way. That’s what life is! If you truly do this you can’t possibly miss any person, place or portion of the world meant for you.

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