Refine, Renew and Love Your Relationships

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This is a refinement of my first ever blog post from March 2017. At the time my intention was to share ideas and inspirations in a way that may bring you a different perspective and a smile. It’s still my intention today. 🙂

How do we as women succeed, when for generations success has been defined by men? What if more women aren’t generally considered successful, not because we can’t achieve the same level of success as men, but because we don’t want to achieve success in the way it’s been historically defined – making the most money?

You define your own success with love and money

My definition of success involves what I can DO with money – I will self-fund and run a foundation. It serves women and children who have to leave dangerous situations, and it’s named for my parents who loved nothing more than their home and family. I have a strong why and I am affirming my intention for the future in the present. 

Do you want to co-create a monogamous, romantic partnership with a man? What’s your strong why? I want to learn how to commit to something more important than just myself, while I also continue to grow. Do you want to be successful in your career? Why? I want to help as many women as possible create love partnerships, and live the lives they desire. 

Why do you want to do whatever it is that you want to do? What motivates you? It’s allowed to be different than what motivates other people.

You follow your heart in love and romance

The subject of motivation is vitally important because it’s the thing that keeps you in hot pursuit of your goal. It’s also one of the most misunderstood words in the English language.

Motivation means both the desire to do something and the reason for doing it and it’s a feeling. As I’ve mentioned before, feelings are what fuel your actions, and so you need to feel motivated before you can take the actions that will lead to your desired outcome. Why is it misunderstood? Because so many people think that if they do enough they will eventually feel motivated. That’s reversed – first you have to feel motivated, then you’ll do what you need to do to create what you want to create.

Decide what you really, really want. Create a belief that will support that decision and make you feel and stay motivated – and then you will do everything you can think of, for as long as you have to, until you create that exact outcome you want.

You live your own purpose in love and career

I’m passionate about helping women create massive amounts of success on their own terms. You are unique and whether it’s in business, family, friendships or romantic love, you deserve to live fully and abundantly in your purpose. Women make up approximately half the population of the planet; would any sports team succeed if half the players were kept on the bench? When women succeed we elevate all of humanity. The first step on the ladder of success is for you to define it for yourself. Fill in the following blanks:

I’ll know I’ve achieved success in my romantic relationship when _____

I’ll know I’ve achieved success in my career when ___________

Now hold up a mirror so you can see that there’s at least one area of your life in which you’ve already succeeded. You know you have.

Now that you’ve seen it in one area of your life, know you can do it again, wherever you desire. Success tools are transferable.

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