Relationships – Clearing Your Marriage Blocks

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Ready to Clear Your Marriage Blocks?

You know you want to be married. So why aren’t you?

And no, the answer is not simply, “Because I haven’t found the right partner yet.” Even back in the day when I was saying it I knew the true answer ran deeper than that.

Why haven’t you found him? That’s the question you have to be willing to ask and to answer. And if you’re really willing to go deep, the answer will show you the block that is standing between you and your happily ever after. Does your story go something like this:

I haven’t found my right match because I keep choosing to date men who I know deep down in my heart are not my right match. I keep choosing to date men who aren’t looking for committed relationships so that I can keep being right about my belief that men are unavailable. 

What this really means is – you’re the one who’s unavailable.

And dating men who are unavailable keeps you safe.

You can’t make a commitment to someone who’s not looking for one. This means you don’t have to risk heartache by being with a man you really love in case it doesn’t last forever.

You don’t have to risk giving up your home and everything you’ve created for yourself by moving in with him in case it doesn’t last forever. You don’t have to risk anything at all.

It’s not true that all men are unavailable, but if all the men you date are unavailable, it’s time to have a heart to heart talk – with yourself. You may not be ready to take a risk, but if you can at least stop blaming all the men for your lack of a connection I guarantee you’ll have a much different experience of dating.

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You know you want to be married. So why aren’t you? Part 2.

Do you know anyone who ever met a man online who wasn’t exactly who he said he was? Yeah, me too. Do you know anyone who’s ever dated a man who only wanted sex? Me too for that, too. And, so … what?

The next question you need to be willing to answer for yourself is, why do you keep holding on to all the negative stories? Because, here’s the thing – you also know women who’ve met men online who were exactly who they presented themselves to be. And you know women who’ve dated men who didn’t rush them into bed at all, who were perfectly willing to wait until they’d gotten to the point in their relationships where both partners were eager and ready, rather than just eager. You know you do. I’ve had both of those experiences repeatedly because I believe they’re possible.

And you also know women who have MARRIED men they’ve met online – I know 4 women personally, and many more who are friends of friends. So the question to ask yourself today is, what do you have to gain by not telling that story?

You get to feel safe, you get to not risk, you get to be right. That’s right, you get to do all these things. You also get to remain alone. What’s more important to you, to be safely alone or to risk being with a partner who enriches your experience of the one life you are living?

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You know you want to be married. So why aren’t you? Part 3.

This past week we’ve been talking about your marriage blocks. Just like with money blocks holding you back from manifesting more financial wealth, these blocks are holding you back from enriching your life in another way. But here’s the thing – you have a good life! You have a great career, loving friends and family, you travel, you own (or rent) a beautiful home in a fabulous and safe neighborhood – you don’t need to be married to enjoy your life!

But if you want to be, that’s enough to do something about it.

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