Romantic Relationships Reasons Why Now!


Yes! You Can Create the Romantic Relationship You Want!

What if you weren’t supposed to be married to that guy you dated in college?

And the reason I know you’re wondering that is, I used to – very occasionally – wonder that myself. Until the day he found me on Facebook and we friended each other and started following each other’s posts and … it took me less than a minute to realize that he and I were polar opposites in our values and I gladly gave up the FOMO and embraced the JOGO! (Joy of Getting On) I live serene in the knowledge that it worked out exactly as it should!

You CAN create the enriched romantic relationship you desire and have fun doing it. How do I know? Because I’ve done it! I’m in it! Here’s one way:

Instead of spending a lot of time thinking about the men you knew in the past, and all the reasons you believe it didn’t work out with any of them, think about the kind of man you’d like to meet in your future – and know the future can start now!

Would you like a partner who is very talkative, very contemplative or very funny? Looking for a man who enjoys going out, staying in, a little of both? Kids, no kids? Pets, no pets?

Envision the life you want to live and the ways you want to live that life; all the days, the weeks, the years of it – make it real for yourself. Funny, isn’t it – I’m asking you to dream for real

Dating can be fun. Not only can be, it’s imperative! Why? When was the last time you willingly did something that wasn’t any fun? Yes, willingly! You want to look forward to meeting him; the one you seek who’s seeking you, right? 

Think about this – you’ve tried doing it the way so many other women do – believing that dating is hard and feeling resistant to it and ultimately not having any fun doing it.

Now try believing it’s simple when you know how to do it (and I’m an expert in helping women learn how) and feeling willing and having fun! You’ll thank me later. As a matter of fact, you both will! 

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Romantic Relationship? Yes I can!

Yes! You Will Create the Romantic Relationship You Want!

I know this is true because you have no other option. Well, I mean, maybe you do have another option, but you don’t strike me as the kind of woman who will not achieve something that is so important to you, something that lies at the very essence of who you are and who you believe yourself to be. 

When you envision the life you want to live, how will you feel when you set eyes on your man for the very first time? Will you feel that spark of recognition you’ve felt at other times about other imperative things; will you have an aha! moment?

Will you feel excited or nervous or curiously calm?

What about the way you’ll feel on that first Saturday night when you realize you could just as happily go to the grocery store as a nightclub, or stay home altogether, because you’re no longer seeking, you’ve found him, and as long as you’re with him you’re where you want to be.

You get to think thoughts and feel feelings that spark joy for you! You get to feel willing and excited and nervous all at the same time. You’ve spent your whole life having and being and doing for others and now you get to have, be and do for you.

Oh, yeah, that question that keeps popping up … if it was meant to happen why hasn’t it by now? What if you couldn’t have met your right match before now? Maybe he was married before and then divorced and spent time doing the work he needed to do to get ready for you? Maybe he was raising a child or caring for an elder or getting his business to the point where he can take more time off now than he ever could before?

This is how to stop thinking about your past and trust that it’s all worked out exactly as it was supposed to – repeat after me:

I know it worked out the way it was supposed to because it did.

Repeat again.

And again.

If you need more help implementing what you’ve learned, that’s what I’m here for.

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Romantic Relationship? Yes I can!

I want to. That’s the best reason ever to Create Your Romantic Relationship!

The relationships in your past are in your past for a reason. Whether you’ve had what you consider to be many or a few, they didn’t work out because they weren’t supposed to.

Now, what do you want to do about creating the most enriched romantic relationship you’ve ever experienced? Or, what do you want to do about creating the most enriched romantic relationship you’ve ever experienced now? It’s time.

You get to want to have whatever kind of relationship you choose! You get to want joy and romance and excitement and bliss and comfort and safety and security and a shoulder to lean on.

The one seeking you has been on his own path, learning his own lessons, evolving himself to step into the unique relationship only you two can create together.

What are you doing to be as ready for him as he is for you? 

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Romantic Relationship? Yes I can!