Romantic Relationships and Holding Onto You

Romantic Relationships - Holding Onto You
Romantic Relationships -Holding Onto You

I could have sworn I used to be in here somewhere, where did I go?

The other day I talked about how I used to lose myself in relationships, and then stop even trying to date. Losing myself sounds so passive, it sounds like something that just happened one day when I wasn’t looking (like all the times in my life those same 10 pounds just snuck back onto my hips). But maybe I didn’t just lose myself in the relationship, maybe I gave myself up for it. And maybe you’ve done that too.

Being willing to do the work meant starting with ME. I needed to look at myself fully; not only did I need to see my values, my needs and my wants I needed to accept and appreciate them and love myself for them. This enabled me to evolve into the woman I am now, the woman who is in the relationship I’ve always wanted.

I don’t ever feel lost anymore. I know who I am, what I want, where I’m going, and I have a deep understanding of what it will take to get me there. Will there be unforeseen circumstances? Will I need to pivot and redirect? Absolutely, and I’m aware and ready. I’m also aware and ready to change my direction if I ever decide I want to, just because I want to. And the best part is, I don’t need anybody to act in any particular way to make me feel better because I know how to feel exactly how I want to feel.

Want this for yourself? It can be yours! Let’s get you on my calendar.

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