Always, in All Ways

I have been unmarried my entire life.

For years I believed I was wrong, undesirable, unworthy because I hadn’t been chosen. And you want to know what happened?

I kept dating men whose behavior toward me confirmed my beliefs. I only dated men who treated me like I was wrong, undesirable, and unworthy – and none of them chose me.

That’s right, my love, I learned the Law of Attraction is not about who is attracted to me, it’s about who I am attracted to, which is why I ended up dating men who treated me the way I thought I deserved to be treated.

Since I decided to change that story about myself, and got a dating coach in my corner, I’ve discovered a myriad of ways I am right, desirable and worthy – and now I do the choosing!

If my life hadn’t happened exactly the way it did, I might never have made the effort to figure myself out. And if I hadn’t figured myself out, I might never have identified the stories that were keeping me stuck and ultimately met the perfect man – for me!

And because I went through the process of getting myself truly, for once and for all unstuck, I am a pro at identifying exactly what it is that’s standing in the way of my clients meeting the man who is perfect for them. Working with me it will take you a fraction of the time it took me to figure it out, and I can assure you the thing standing in your way is not what you think it is.

You were always supposed to be in this place at this time because all of your experiences are leading you to the life you want the way you want it. You get to choose the kind of relationship you want to have, the kind of partner you want to be with, and the kind of partner you want to be. Contact me and let’s begin.


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