Just the Way It Is

You don’t want to feel this way anymore. You don’t want to feel sad and sorry and frantic and frustrated and too old and undesirable. You look around you and see other women who have the husband and the family and the life and it looks perfect and … you want perfection too.

Have it now.

Right now, in this moment, the way it is, it’s perfect. It really is.

Or at least, it could be if you decide that it is.

Really, that’s all it will take.

Okay, well now that we cleared that up, what else ya got? Oh, wait … how?

What if, instead of telling yourself something is wrong it’s actually very right?

What if, instead of telling yourself you missed your opportunity to find a partner you use this opportunity to make yourself into the partner you want to be and attract the partner you want?

I used to tell the story about all the things that happened to me and held me back, and nothing ever changed. Then I hired a coach who helped me see those old stories as experiences that happened for me, how to mine them for absolute gold, how to see what I’d thought to be true wasn’t and to see what really is true – and that changed everything.

Shifting my perspective was what enabled me to meet the man who is perfect for me.

If you want to meet your ideal match and you don’t know how to start, this is exactly the time to learn what’s holding you back and write your true story. Perfect!

Sound good? Reach out and let’s go.

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