Let Them See YOU!


I honestly do not think I would have had the amazing fun I did dating, and ultimately be in the loving, supportive, rich, committed partnership I’m in now, if I didn’t start taking responsibility for my emotions and thoughts. When I found this work, I went from confused and insecure in dating to empowered and confident.

When I allowed myself to see the inside parts that I didn’t really like, rather than continuing to hide from them, and started to create a loving relationship with myself, I started to appreciate and embrace my own essential qualities and drop the behaviors shielding me on the outside. This is the only way I could allow someone else to appreciate and embrace me, too!

The men I started meeting were so very different from the ones I’d dated before. They were thoughtful, funny, ambitious, loving, smart, curious, adventurous. They were sweet and generous and kind and open and accepting of me – and they let me be me – and I had the most fun dating!

Want to know the craziest part? The men didn’t change! They were the same people they’d always been I was the one who changed. I changed my thoughts, my feelings and the story I was telling myself and just like a cloud lifting away from the sun, I began to see myself and them the way we all really are. And I’m so grateful I did.

If you’d like to see some sun beyond the clouds and you need help figuring out how, dm me.


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