Where Are You?

One day it occurred to me that if my life had been a science experiment, I was the only constant. I had changed everything, or so I thought. I had lived in 3 different states, I had made new friends, I had so many different kinds of jobs I can’t even remember them all, and I had dated men who were so very different from the ones I’d dated in college and my early twenties.

But even with all of this outer change I still wasn’t happy. In that moment I realized I was the constant that hadn’t shifted in all that time and it finally dawned on me that if I wanted my outcomes to be different, the change would have to happen within me. It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t comfortable, but ultimately it was really worth the discomfort I went through to take an honest inventory of myself. I had taken on a lot of other people’s beliefs and behaviors, and they were hiding my true self like a cloud hides the sun.

Have you ever had the experience of taking off on a flight on a stormy day, rising higher and higher through thick, grey clouds until … finally the plane breaks through and you are bathed in gloriously glowing sun? Even if we can’t see it, the sun is always present. Even in the middle of our own night, the sun hasn’t left the universe, it’s simply seen to be shining in another time zone.

Do you feel like nobody sees the real you? Perhaps it’s because you’re not showing them who you really are. Do you realize you can absolutely change that for yourself? Please, comment below and tell me how you feel about taking back your own power and changing the experiences you’re having of dating.


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