Do More for You!


You tell yourself every single day that you could do so much more than you do.

Why don’t you?

I’m not talking about the myriad tasks that you make time to do for others, the things that clutter your calendar and your thoughts and leave you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. I mean the things you really want to be doing like dating, for instance.

Here’s one thing you can do for yourself that is quick and very effective:

Take 5 minutes every day and clear out all the thoughts in your head. Just sit down with a piece of paper, a journal, or the back of an envelope and a pen, a crayon or a lipstick, and whatever you’re thinking, just get it out onto the paper.

I’m willing to bet you’ll discover some thoughts you don’t even realize you’re thinking, like; people will laugh if I say I’m dating, nobody I’d want is going to want to date somebody like me, all the men my age want much younger women, if it hasn’t happened by now it never will, I’m too old for this.

All of these thoughts about how you can’t date are keeping you from dating! And they’re all lies. But here’s the biggest lie of all and it’s the one that’s really crushing your chances of finding the love you have wanted for a long time – I don’t even think I want to do this anymore.

When you’re aware of what you really think of your chances of fulfilling your dream and see that you’ve convinced yourself you don’t even want it, you’ll realize why it is that you always make the choice to do things for others. Because in all honesty, if I had the thoughts about my relationship chances that you have about yours, I wouldn’t be in my current relationship.

The truth is – I used to have the same thoughts you do, and they created the same results – I wasn’t dating. I was happy. I was living a good life. A good life, not a rich one. I’ve learned how to think thoughts that create feelings that lead me to take the actions that have changed my life, and I can help you do the same.

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