Why Do You Seek What You Need From Others?


Do you know who started the rumor that other people are responsible for our feelings?

Probably the same person who thought it was a good idea for all of us to spend our entire lives trying to get 7 billion people to change so that we can feel better.

You know that getting your needs met is not about getting a man to do things for you, because you’ve tried that before. Men have called you first thing in the morning. They’ve txted you late at night. Perhaps a man may even have said he loved you. Was any of it satisfying? No.

Because you don’t need him to do the things, you need to feel the feelings, and …

Your feelings are not dependent on what a man does, they’re dependent on what you think about what he does. That means that a man could call or txt or tell you he loves you and it might not mean a thing to you. Or he could do none of those things and you could still feel appreciated, reassured or loved.

Your experience of a relationship comes from your thoughts, not your partner’s actions. If you want to feel appreciated you can, even if he doesn’t call. If you want to feel reassured, you can do that, too, even if he doesn’t message you. And if you want to feel loved? Yup, that is also totally within your control. As a matter of fact, not only is it within your ability to create, it is exclusively within your ability – not anybody else’s.

I’ll be right here, so when you’re ready to have your needs met and you can’t figure out how for yourself, dm me!