Provide For Your Own Needs

I’m in a still-new relationship with a man who is not shy about telling me how wonderful he thinks I am, and how much he wants us to spend a lot of time together and planning all the adventures he wants us to have together. Literally planning, like, telling me we ought to sit down and make a list of things we’d like to do and places we’d like to go.

Did I mention he thinks I’m wonderful and wants to spend as much time with me as possible?

There is a real, live, high-quality man saying all the things to me that I’ve always wanted a man to say. Did I feel appreciated? Reassured? Loved? In the moment I felt nervous.

Suddenly I was hearing the words I’d always wanted to hear, and I didn’t feel any of the feelings I’d thought I would. This is a topic I will expand upon another time.

For now, I’ll tell you that I didn’t feel appreciated, reassured or loved because I already feel those feelings every day and I know they have nothing to do with a man – no matter who he is.

My feeling the feelings I want to feel only has to do with my thoughts about myself and how I’ve learned to appreciate, reassure and love myself.

If you want to meet your right match, and you’ve done everything you know how to do, I have a solution for you. Let’s get on a video call; you tell me what you think about yourself, about dating, about your chances of meeting a high-quality man – and then I’ll tell you exactly what you can do to create the relationship you desire.