Stop Waiting Start Having


What are you saying? I’m living a full life; I have family and friends and my work and all the nice things my hard work allows me. I’m not waiting for anything!

I have a beautiful home, but of course it’s just a condo. I can’t have a house until I’m married, right?

I drive a nice car, although I do wish I was a passenger in someone else’s more frequently. And had someone who would take care of the maintenance on his and mine.

I do want to date, but I’m way too focused on my work right now, although of course I’ll make time to be in a relationship, because that’s what’s really important to me and I know I’m going to do it 100%, just like I do everything else!

What does it really mean to become the woman who has the relationship you want in order to have it? It means owning your home mentally as well as financially right now, whether it’s a condo, townhome or house. It means acknowledging all the men in your life now, including your dad, brother, handy man or mechanic.

What it means most of all is understanding that if you don’t make room for your relationship now time won’t suddenly manifest later.

Stop waiting to have the love you want. It’s the only way to have the love you want.

If you want to meet your right match, and you’ve done everything you know how to do, I have a solution for you! Let’s get on a video call; you tell me the reason you think it hasn’t happened yet, and I’ll tell you what is really holding you back. I promise, it isn’t what you think.  DM me!