Do You Want To Be Happy?


If you crave a romantic partnership with your absolute soulmate it’s because you think you’ll feel cherished, desired, loved. Better than that, you think you’ll feel happy! Okay, you will feel happy … at times. But not … all the time.

It’s not the person or even the relationship that will make you feel happy, it’s the thoughts you have about it. So even if you marry the person you’ve been dreaming of for decades, if you don’t create loving thoughts for yourself about him and your relationship with him, you won’t feel loved or loving.

Thoughts and feelings lead to your actions and actions are what create your outcomes. So, it’s not the thing you create that will lead to your thoughts about it, it’s your thoughts about it that will put you on track to create it, or not.

Think thoughts like, Dating is hard. No men want committed relationships. No men want a woman my age. I have to lose 10 pounds before I can meet someone.

You’re likely to feel – angry, frustrated, hurt and those feelings are going to fuel you taking actions like … staying in bed all day, complaining, bingeing (whether it’s Netflix, ice cream, alcohol or shopping) quitting dating altogether.

Doesn’t seem in the least productive.

Think thoughts like, I can’t wait to meet my forever love! I am so excited to see who’s online today! That was such a lovely conversation we had last night! That man is very interesting! I had so much fun talking to him on the phone I can’t wait until we meet in person!

Then you’ll be much more likely to have feelings like – excitement, anticipation, curiosity and joy and those feelings are very likely to fuel actions like going online, writing an engaging profile, posting great pictures, finding men’s pictures and profiles attractive, engaging in fun messaging and conversations, meeting for safe dates, creating connections and ultimately choosing to engage in a committed relationship.

All things considered, which would you choose?

I’ll be right here, so when you’ve come to your conclusion, contact me!