What Are You Waiting For?


Do you find yourself consumed with thoughts about time? Do you believe there’s not enough of it? Do you hurry from one task to another not allowing yourself even a moment to catch your breath, and then get to the end of the day and think you haven’t accomplished anything?

What are you waiting for?

Wait, what?

If you are not living with a consistent sense that there is good in your life, that there is abundance of time or money or love or good health; if you are not feeling joy, accomplishment, satisfaction, peace – not every minute of every day but at the least the average of every day – you’re waiting for something to happen first.

And the way you’re going, it won’t ever happen.

Let’s take love for instance. Do you think that you’ll be happy when you’re married? If you’re not very happy, and you’re single, and you want to be married, it seems reasonable to think that singleness is the reason you’re not happy and marriedness will make you so.

Except marriage doesn’t make you happy, it simply makes you married.

You might think you need to get married first and then you’ll magically become whomever you are going to be then. The opposite is true. This is a period of time you are being gifted to become the woman who has the kind of marriage you want.

Loving. Supportive. Honest. Rock-solid. Blessed. Abundant. Unbreakable.

Whatever kind of marriage you want, first become the woman who can create it and nurture it into being. And before you argue with me, I’d like to point out that if you already were that woman you’d already be in the marriage you want.

Don’t wait a moment longer.

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