Make This the Year You Get What You Want



We’re two weeks in and I’m not going to ask how you’re doing with your resolutions, I’m much more interested in how you’re doing with your wants.

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting; thinking about goals and accomplishments and questioning whether I’m someone who achieves goals or not, and just as I was about to go another round with ‘that voice’ that tells me I don’t ever get sh*t done, something weird happened.

I thought about the 4 months I was a foster motherto an infant. The entire process, from the time I first realized I wanted to experience raising a child in some way, to the time she was transferred to another foster mother, took 4 years.

It was a 4-year process in which I had to decide on an agency, find childcare, take classes, be investigated, become certified, go through a change within the agency, take classes again, be re-investigated, re-certify, wait months until they had a suitable match, and finally got the call! I did it. I didn’t quit.

And I wouldn’t change a thing about how it happened or how long it took, because now I know I can truly do anything and have anything I want.

You see, the word GOAL seems so lofty, so grand, so beyond me that ‘that voice’ (I call her Nellie) tells me I can’t possibly do it.

But when I simply decide that I WANT something …

What do you really, really want?