If I was made for abundance why am I working so hard and settling for less?

Have you been settling for just getting your needs met when your deepest desire is to have your wants fulfilled?

If that’s what you’re craving, it takes expressing, going, growing, expanding, adding, gaining, creating, receiving.

It takes wanting from a sense of having, from a feeling of abundance.

It takes already having, wanting what you have and wanting even more – just because you think you’d enjoy it. It can’t come from wanting but not having or holding on to what you already have for fear of losing it.

Having and expanding is very different from having and holding on or not having and wanting. That’s what makes you think you’re always starting over, always starting from scratch, never gaining momentum, never growing – never receiving.

If you deeply desire a committed relationship with a quality partner, the way to attain it is to take what you know about yourself, your values, your likes and dislikes, your priorities, resilience, ingenuity, sense of humor, forward with you into dating this year.

Each man you choose to date going forward will be a better match, embodying more of the qualities that align with your values.

Each relationship will be richer, fuller, more balanced, more fulfilling, more loving.

Acknowledge, embrace and use what you have and add to it, build upon it, own it. That’s what will get you where you want to go.

It’s not just believing it’s becoming the woman who has what you want.

I can show you how to start where you are and create what you really want.

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