Having a Hard Time Deciding How to Date During a Pandemic?


Are you searching for your forever love? Someone with whom you could happily shelter in place, even without a worldwide pandemic?

Have you been searching for quite some time without success, and are you now wishing things were different and you weren’t feeling so achingly alone?

Because, honestly, after spending so much of my life alone, I’ve thought about what it would be like to be a part of a real partnership. I’ve wondered if I would feel happy in a relationship, feel lighter, feel … love.

What I’ve come to realize, especially after close to a year of being home alone, is that I can’t feel any more love with another person than I do all by myself. And I feel a lot of love all by myself.

Throughout it all I’ve been dating. I downloaded an app and posted a profile and pics and started receiving messages and started responding to messages and started having phone conversations and … chose to meet only 3 different men in person.

I engaged in three socially distanced walks around three separate parks with three different men.

Outside of the fact I’ve never gone on a walk around the park for a first meeting, everything else has been exactly the same for me.

I am very discerning. I read profiles carefully and notice how men present themselves via message or email. And I always have phone conversations before I meet someone in person. Always.

Because sometimes, after a phone conversation I decide to not meet someone in person. That cuts down tremendously on the number of dates I feel were a total waste of time. And by tremendously, I mean 100%.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve returned home froma first meeting thinking I’d wasted my time. Years.

I figured out years ago what works for me when it comes to online dating. And when I say what works I mean not only meeting men who are good matches, I also mean not going on so many useless dates that I feel exhausted and burnt out and decide to quit out of sheer frustration. And I very definitely mean keeping myself safe.

If you’re ready to figure out how to have the enriched romantic relationship you’ve always hoped for and not quite believed you could achieve, I can help.

Because really, now is not only as good a time as any, it’s the only time that’s now.