How Are You Feeling About Being Yourself First? Last? Always?

I want to tell you about the moment I was able to change my life.

Not the moment I wanted to change my life, or the moment my life changed – I want to tell you about the moment I was able to start the journey that would eventually lead me to change my relationships, my friendships, my dating, my work, my spirituality, my life.

Because, honestly, I’d wanted it to change for a very long time. I’d been bored, I’d been sad, I’d been angry, I’d been frustrated, I’d been hysterical, I’d been convinced that if it was supposed to be different it already would be – I’d been it all. For a very long time I wanted no thing more than for my life to be different than it was.

But it couldn’t change simply because I willed it to. That’s suggesting that my life was in some way outside of me and it could move of its own accord. I needed to change it.

I needed to change me.

But, if I changed me that would mean there was something wrong with me, right?


I needed to change me not to make me different, but to make me more of myself. I needed to change my behavior, so that people could see me.

Do you notice how over time you’ve picked up behaviors from other people? You use your best friend’s catchphrases. You tell jokes like your dad. You roll your eyes like your little sister.

You’ve adopted other people’s thoughts too. And these, more than anything else, are hiding the real you from your right match.

Because when you believe that all men are …, or no man is…, or you’re too …, or life’s too …, then you start to behave like all those other women who believe those things – and not like you.

I was out in the world thinking that the problem was me, but nobody could actually see me or hear me.

I had to strip away the layers of other people’s behaviors and get down to me.

You do, too. And if you don’t know how, I can help.

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