Risk vs. Reward. The Choice isn’t as Obvious as You Like to Think.


What does it mean to risk the usual and to settle for the ordinary?

To me it means give up what is familiar for something that could be phenomenal. Familiar; not extraordinary or spectacular. Not even ‘good.’ Just … ordinary.

That doesn’t sound like much of a risk, does it? I mean, in theory, who wouldn’t be willing to give up something ordinary if they would be getting something phenomenal in return?

But us humans just don’t work that way, do we? I mean, when you first read that part about getting something phenomenal in return didn’t you actually think, “There’s no guarantee that would happen.”

I want to offer you something that will change your outcomes when it comes to dating and creating the relationship you desire deep down inside – the reason you’re so quick to think a negative thought was to keep you safe in case of attack from a saber-tooth tiger. And that works much better now when you’re still wired to consider absolutely everything as a mortal risk to your well-being.

That line of reasoning loves nothing better than to have you home, safe and snug in the cave so you can curl up with a good book or the latest new release from Netflix. But the newest release is actually pretty ordinary, no matter how they spin it.

It’s certainly more ordinary than the joy, the love, the passion you dream of.

So, the risk is, you do something unusual that might not get you exactly what you want, like start using a dating app, even though you might not meet your husband on the first date or strike up a conversation in the market with the attractive man wearing the vintage movie poster face mask – even though he might not turn out to be your type.

But what might be the reason for you to stay with Netflix on Saturday night? Well, think about what it is you’re getting out of it, because you are getting something out of it. It’s comfortable, and in this ever-changing world right now, that’s no small thing. You know exactly what to expect and you’ll get it, and we love to have our expectations met! There’s also the fact that you’ll expend much less energy on the same old, and that’s go to be worth something, right?

Just think! If your risk actually pays off the reward could be finding yourself in a relationship with a real, live man who laughs at all your jokes and thinks your complete set of vintage Tupperware is fascinating. Who wouldn’t want that?

And if what you want is to truly, for the first time in your life, Have Fun Dating, I can show you how a simple shift can make a big impact!

Doesn’t that sound better than what you’re doing now, which is, not having fun dating?

 Risk vs. Reward. The Choice isn’t as Obvious as You Like to Think.

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