Do you feel like you’re stuck in the drum of a washing machine on perpetual SPIN?

Humanity is suffering right now! We need to know Who? Where? How? When? What the f? to TRUST. And in this country in particular we’re trying to figure out who to trust for the next 4 years!!!

Who do you trust? Do you trust anyone at all? How did you learn how to trust? Ever take a class in that in school? If you’re anything like me that would be a NO.

And now let’s talk about trust in relation to relationships. Who do you trust? How do you trust? Where do you find him? How do you connect? When will it happen? You’ve tried it before, right? You trusted men who told you things they would do and promises they would keep and you weren’t very successful. What can you do to not f it up this time?

I was a very intuitive child. I felt things and saw things and understood so many things that no grownup would give a child credit for. I just knew… I thought of it as the little tickle at the back of my head.

But it wasn’t exactly accepted by others. An adult might believe you, but it can be very inconvenient for them to accept what you’re saying – especially if one of those things is that you see the crack in their mask.

And what they might do is try to make you think you’re wrong. They’ll try to make you question the validity of what you’re thinking and saying. Ultimately, they’re undermining the trust you have in yourself.

Now that you’ve been taught to not trust yourself, how will you go out into the world and trust others? Is it any wonder why you aren’t finding your right match?

You look around the world and see so many women just like you, snuggling in solitude with a quality man, and you are not even making a basic connection.

What if TRUST is the key to you creating the enriched romantic relationship you desire?

What would it be worth to you to find out how to trust a man?

What is it worth it to you to not have to figure it all out on your own?

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