It took me a minute.


I thought, why would I jump for the air? I feel safe on the ground, not in the air worrying if I’ll land safely.

No, it says you jump for the moments in the air. Oh! The lift, the thrill of feeling free, the pure joy!

It takes a lot of trust, really. I would have to trust that I wouldn’t go crashing to the ground – or at the very least that if I did I would be able to get up, brush myself off and start again.

Have you had moments of feeling freedom in your relationships?

When have you been in a relationship, whether in the nascent stages of dating or months or years into a committed partnership, and felt free enough to truly trust? Or trusted enough to truly share?

When have you let go of worrying that something will go wrong and simply let yourself enjoy what life is trying to gift you in that moment? Ever?

Worrying that something bad will happen won’t stop it from happening, it will only stop you from enjoying all the time you’ve spent worrying.

Imagine if you’ve spent time worrying that something bad will happen and then … it doesn’t happen. And imagine that instead, something good happens. Sounds amazing, right?

Except, when you’re worried that something bad will happen, and you’re wasting that time that you could be enjoying the rest of your life, you’re not seeing any of the good that is happening. You’re blinding yourself to what’s really happening around you.

If you’re blind to what’s really happening around you how can you see it and hear it and feel it when the man you’re with is showing you every act and telling you every word and expressing every feeling that you’ve ever dreamed of?

What if TRUST is the key to you creating the enriched romantic relationship you desire?

What would it be worth to you to find out how to trust yourself so you can find and choose your right man?

How to Trust Yourself in the World With Your Most Precious Qualities –
Your Heart, Your Soul, Your Self!

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