Oprah Didn’t Wait Until She Was Skinny to Start Loving Herself. That’s Why She’s Oprah. Stop Weighting.

Are you convinced that the minute you fit back into those jeans it’ll be love at first sight?

And I don’t mean only that you’ll love your body, maybe you believe that when you’re skinny you’ll even love yourself. Do you believe that you have to lose weight before that can happen? 

It makes so much sense, doesn’t it? I mean, if you’re unhappy now, and you don’t love yourself, and you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see, it would seem that when you finally like what you see in the mirror it will be love at first sight!

Have you ever had a car you absolutely loved? Did you take really good care of it? Did you get it washed and waxed and detailed? Did you park it under cover from the sun, and out of the rain?

Did you love it because you took good care of it, or did you take good care of it because you already loved it?

I think you probably took good care of it because you loved it – and that’s the way it has to work for you to make a major change for yourself. Just like that song we used to sing as children – first comes love. Whether it’s marriage or a baby carriage – or losing the weight you want to lose so you can stop waiting to live the life you want to live, it really is true that it won’t make the love happen, you must love yourself to make it happen.

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There’s a reason it hasn’t worked … yet. 

Did someone tell you a long time ago that in order to accomplish something it has to be hard on you? Were you raised with, “No pain no gain,” or “No guts no glory”? Or maybe you think you need to be hard on you. Do you believe you need to be punished for not looking a certain way?

Well, let’s think about this for a second. If you’ve been punishing yourself for not losing weight and you still haven’t lost weight, maybe punishing yourself really isn’t the key to your success.

As a matter of fact, I can guarantee you it isn’t. You are not incapable, or weak, or lacking in will-power – and you’re certainly not too old to lose weight! Let’s put that lie to rest forever. You’ve been given some very bad information. Whoever it was who told you that you had to punish your way to weight loss was woefully misinformed.

I’m sorry. 

And I want to help you create the results you desire rather than continuing to create the results you’ve been creating that aren’t bringing you joy.

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Be willing to take one small step toward changing your weight and the way you feel about you!

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