3 Reasons Why You Haven’t Met Your Soulmate – YET

You’re using COVID as an excuse.

You’ve probably heard a lot of women and men talk about how hard it is to date right now, how difficult it is to navigate the online jungle of … strangers, how they wish they didn’t have to date at all and could just be in a romantic relationship, because then they’d have someone to be quarantined with!

And if you’ve heard it without actively contradicting it then you’re thinking it too. And you’re probably saying it without realizing it, commiserating with your friends who get into their pandemic stories with gusto. And the words we hear ourselves say only serve to reinforce the thoughts we think, and so on, and so on…

Keep thinking dating has to be hard right now and guess what? It will be HARD!

You’re using COVID as an excuse.

If you tell yourself that it’s not the right time to try and meet someone; if it’s a ‘scary time’ to be online, if you think you’ll just wait it out until it’s safer…

I’m willing to bet that all of the thoughts you have right now about dating online are the same ones you’ve always had, it’s just that now you have an excuse that seems to you quite plausible.

You used to always have a reason for not putting up a profile, you used to always think it wasn’t the right time for you because you used to always think it was scary to meet people online. Do you see what I mean? It was never not the right time, you used the timing as your excuse for not taking action because you had the thought that it wasn’t safe. And now you get to be right!

I have a friend who is out there, meeting men online and having phone calls and Zoom dates and socially-distanced walks in the park and picnics and she says it’s THE BEST TIME EVER to date!

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You’re using COVID as an excuse.

If you think there’s no point in trying to meet someone because you can’t really get close, tell me – what did you used to say about meeting people online before any of us had heard the word pandemic?

You used to complain about dating because you thought that men moved too quickly, trying to get too physical too soon. See what I mean? You used to use men hastening physicality as an excuse to not date, and now your excuse is not being able to be physically close.

None of us knows how long this world-wide situation is going to dictate our social interactions.

If not now, when?

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I promise you this.

There is no better time than Right Now. If you really want to be a partner in an enriched romantic relationship then you simply have to do this:

Be willing to take one small step to propel yourself into the loving partnership you desire!

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