Help You Have the Relationship You Want

How can I help you?

You’re watching all the Facebook Lives, attending all the online classes, tuning in to all the YouTube videos, Zooming and TikToking and hearing about all the ways “everyone” is spending their time, and a lot of it sounds amazing, and a lot of it sounds worthwhile. You’d love to get through this quarantine smarter and thinner than you started and there are so many things you’d like to do, and think you’ll do and … so few things that you actually do.

Are there so many options that you don’t think you know where to start? I can teach you how to make a choice quickly and stick with it. Are there concepts that you think you won’t understand? I can teach you how to learn how.

Why are you resisting taking action? 

Let me take a guess at what the first stumbling block might be – you’re looking at all of the options arrayed before you and being blinded by all the shiny sparkle. Zoom dance class or Zoom yoga? App running club or pastry-baking Live? Dutch on DuoLingo or singing with Dua Lipa? They all look equally delicious! It’s as if you’re standing at a fork in the road that has a dozen prongs and any of them could bring you joy – what to do?

Here’s the time to go back to basics – what are your core values? What are the activities you enjoy doing, the subjects you want to learn more about, the causes you’re willing to fight for? In short – what lights you up? Start there.

If you want to incorporate a concept you’re reading about and you don’t know how to start please schedule a time for us to speak.  

You know what you want and you’re still not taking action.

Okay, you chose a class, you registered, you bought some cool new gear, you showed up for the first couple of sessions excited and asked lots of questions and … you haven’t done any of the assignments. And the last time the class met you didn’t even turn on your microphone and sat in fear that the teacher might call on you. Or call you out. 

What are you gaining by not participating? What is the upside to not taking action? Yes, it’s true, you are getting something by not doing the thing you think you want to do – but what? Perhaps you know people who don’t have the money to do anything fun right now and you feel guilty for having the disposable income to take a class. Perhaps you feel sad or angry about all the people who are sick or have died while you’re sitting safely at home, maybe it’s simply the safety of staying the same as you’ve always been. 

Yes, and…

Until you answer these questions for yourself you won’t realize what you’re thinking and what feelings those thoughts create. And when you do dig in and do the work, I think you’ll be surprised. It’s really enlightening to see how our thoughts directly affect the results we create for ourselves and how, when we start to manage our thinking everything in our lives becomes different. Lots of people say better and different.

Here’s how I can help: Do you want to have loving, joyous, healthy relationships with everyone in your life and don’t know how to start? Click on this link to schedule your personal call with me.