A Relationship That’s Better Than Normal

Is my life ever going to go back to normal?

Maybe you’d like it to be better than normal this next time around. Normal was kind of boring sometimes. That life you used to live didn’t always feel good.  You spent way too much time home alone on Saturday nights, and when you did go out it seems like the men were so … not for you. 

Okay, so you’ve been spending these last few weeks at home alone on Saturday nights too, but hasn’t everybody? Everyone’s having the same experience right now, aren’t they? Everyone is watching Netflix and baking bread and video chatting with their grandchildren, right? They’re just waiting to get the all clear. What else is there to do?

Perhaps this is a great opportunity to create a life that will always be the way the old one wasn’t. You can have adventures and connection and romance and … fun! You can flirt and be flirted with, be cherished, adored, have the life you’ve always wanted.

Is it possible to really plan that? Yes. It is possible to plan and prepare for the life you want, rather than continuing to settle for the one you got – as a matter of fact, you have to. There are so many things you can start to do now so that when you are ready to meet a man in person you will feel more confident than you ever have before. There are things for you to learn – about men, about romance and about yourself. 

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We were so innocent then.

Remember how we used to call it online dating when all we were really doing was online meeting, and then dating in person? Seems so funny when we think of it now, because now we really are dating online! The technology is called video conferencing and it’s the way people are meeting and getting to know each other.

And in order to get to know men via video, you’re going to want to get to know a few other things first, like how to dress, how to do your makeup, how to position the camera so you look like your very best, most beautiful self!

But before you even get to those things, here’s something much more basic – who are you looking for? What kind of man is the very best match for you? Perhaps rather than thinking there’s nothing to do while you’re at home you can start to see this as the chance you’ve been waiting for – you can start a crash course in you! 

Lesson one in your course involves learning about yourself – your likes, your dislikes, your values, your lifestyle – be as you-focused as you possibly can – what a luxury! 

After you’ve made some decisions about yourself it’s time to think about him.

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Everything will fall into place.

Have you ever done it this way before? Have you ever started the process of dating by thinking about yourself? If you said yes, that’s amazing! Give yourself a pat on the back, because most people, like 95%, just throw themselves out into the world and wait for someone to tell them who they are. They allow others to identify what they like and don’t like about them and they think it means something about themselves. (BTW, someone else’s opinion of you means nothing about you and everything about them.)

When you’ve laid this solid a foundation and gotten to know yourself really thoroughly, your experience of dating will be totally different than it ever has been before. You know how sometimes you wonder where all the nice, high-quality men are? They’ve been right in front of you all along! You’ll not only see them, you’ll hear them say things you’ve never heard men say before – about you – words that make you feel loved and desired. Yes, you.

Yes, you can have a fulfilling relationship with a quality man.

The thing is, though, that you can’t just wait until the day you get to leave your house and throw yourself out into the world and expect it to be magically different. You have work to do, and I think you know that. How do I know? Because up until now you haven’t been as happy as you’d like to be. You have good friends and family who love you, you have friends and family you love, but you haven’t ever made the kind of thrilling, romantic, fulfilling connection you crave. And you also haven’t had much fun on dates. 

You can have thrills, romance, fulfillment and connection. You can have fun on every single date!

And I am here to help.

Yes, especially now, you can meet your high quality man and have the enriched romantic relationship you desire!

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