Thoughts About … Dating

Pssst, do you wanna know a secret? Come closer…

When you were younger, did you envision what it would be like when you were in love?

Did you imagine you’d always feel happy? Always feel satisfied? Always feel cherished? Did you envision always feeling loving toward the object of your affection?

Did you ever consider what you’d be thinking when you were in love? Because the secret to having the relationship you really want is all in your head.

Every relationship you have ever had and will ever have in the future is made up of your thoughts about that person.

How is this possible? Well, consider how many times you’ve been out with someone and you had an amazing time … and he didn’t call again.

And think about how many times you’ve been with someone for whom you felt no affection … and he thought you were the one!

These scenarios happen because you and your dates were thinking very different thoughts about each other. And if you want to create change in your relationship status you must begin with making change in your thoughts.

You’ve tried apps, chats and raising your vibration and none of it has made a difference.

None of the actions you took created the result you desire because it’s not about what you do so much as what and how you think about what you do.

Even the way you imagined you’d feel isn’t going to happen if you’re not consciously creating thoughts that will spur you to those feelings.

But I’ve thought these thoughts all my life, I can’t just change now, can I? Yes, you can. There is a way to change your thoughts and it will lead you to such happiness you will be glad you didn’t wait a minute longer!

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Are you really ready to create an enriched, romantic relationship? Do you want that one long-lasting love of your life?

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