Dating When!

When do you know you’ve found your right match?

Is it in a moment? In a heartbeat? In a flash of recognition? Do you just suddenly think, “He’s the one!” Or is it a gentle awareness that dawns on you until it grows from a flicker into an intense flame?

I used to think that I’d know in an instant and for many of my younger years if I didn’t have that immediate, gut-wrenching feeling I’d pass on the man – no matter what we had in common or how aligned our futures might have seemed.

The funny/not funny thing is, over all the many years of my growth and exploration I’ve learned that my most satisfying, fulfilling relationships have been with men for whom I allowed the flame to grow, men I would have passed on in my twenties. This is one of the many blessings and benies of being a woman who is smart and strong and over fifty. A woman who’s willing to feel all the feelings on the platter of life, not just the ones presented so prettily on Pinterest.

The truth is, that gut-wrenching twist isn’t so much a confirmation of positive partnership as it is the result of a fleeting thought that’s so deeply ingrained in you it doesn’t even register consciously. You think – ooh, he’s my type! And, before you can realize it, you feel it – boom!

You’ve taken all the actions and made all the choices you have up until now because of what you were taught. And those choices and actions led you to where you are now – are you in the relationship you desire? Do you believe you ever can be?

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