Dating Want

I’m thinking about you. I see you. I hear you. I overhear your conversations with your friends in bars and restaurants when you think nobody else can hear you. I do.

You’re saying,

“I don’t want it to be so hard. I don’t want to date I just wish I could be in a relationship. I don’t want to get taken advantage of. I don’t want to give up my independence. I don’t want to have to deal with his ex-wife. I don’t want to have to change everything about my life to satisfy him. I don’t want to have to support him.”

One of the first things we’re told about achieving a goal is to know our ‘why.’ That’s the thing that’s supposed to sustain us throughout all the trials, the ups and downs, the doubts and fears on the way to achieving our heart’s desire. And I tried. When I started my business I really, really tried to identify my why and remind myself of it whenever I felt like giving up. But it wasn’t working for me.

Once someone asked me to think of something really important I had achieved, a goal I’d set and reached that had nothing to do with business. I instantly recalled how long it took between my deciding to become a foster mother and my holding a 3-week old baby girl. It took years. It took so many years that I think sometimes if it had been a business goal I would have given up. But not only did I not give up, it never even occurred to me. I just kept getting up every day and taking an action. Sure, some days it felt too hard, so I gave myself some respite over it, but then within a short time I was back at it, figuring out what I had to do next.

Looking back, I realize it never occurred to me that I was working towards a goal. I never once thought, “This is a goal I will achieve if I put all the right steps into place and do my daily affirmations.” I simply wanted to provide a baby with a safe, loving home, so I kept going until I did it.

It was about my want, not my why.

You want. You want love, companionship, strong arms to hold you, a strong chest to lean against. You want to be with a partner who loves you and cares for you and helps make your life better, fuller, richer in experiences. You want to have the love of your life.

You can have the relationship you want. It’s available to you. Love is not only for other women, for the ones you think are lucky or special or somehow blessed – you are blessed! And worthy! And deserving of everything you want in life!

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