Dating Now

What are you doing to create a committed romantic relationship?

How do you know if what you’re doing is working?

I thought I could tell, and it turns out, I was wrong. I just this minute realized I’ve been blind to myself and I wonder if you might be, too.

I was always a very good student. When I say good, I’m not just referring to my grades, I was really good at being a student. I was good at following all the many, many rules. I was good at sitting in my seat (most of the time) I was good at not talking when the teacher was talking (most of the time) I was really good at showing up, every day.

The school calendar was 10 months long, so I knew I was going to have to show up, with the exception of scheduled breaks, for 10 months in order to learn what I needed to learn to complete that grade. Only then I could move on to summer and then the next school year.

And I took this philosophy with me to every other class and workshop I’ve ever attended since. If a course was scheduled for 12 months I believed it would take me a year to be able to implement whatever I would learn there. When I get to the end, then I’ll be ready to start!

But I’d look around me and see people who were already achieving results. In a business course I saw people who were already building their businesses while I was studying the next scheduled move. In an acting workshop I saw people booking roles while I turned down an audition because it conflicted with a class session.

Have you heard that dating is hard? Do you think you have to be on all the apps before you can start dating? Do you believe you have to lose weight before you’ll be attractive to someone?  Are you waiting until your kids move out so that you can turn your undivided attention to finding a partner? Are you being such a good student of relationships that you’re not participating in one?

I know these all seem like perfectly reasonable reasons for you not engaging in a relationship right now – but they’re not. They are among the very sneaky ways that your brain tricks you into staying where you are. Your brain believes you are living a perfectly acceptable life and there’s no reason to change anything now.

Unless, of course, you want a life that’s waaaay better than acceptable!

You can’t change your results if you are not able to change your actions. And you’ve tried changing your actions, haven’t you? You got on an app and you weren’t getting mutual swipes. You tried to lose weight, and it just didn’t work out the way you’d hoped. And your kids are still pretty young – do you really want to wait until they’re all grown up before you get to experience life as a grown up yourself? Especially when your ex may have already moved on…

It’s not a lack of integrity or interest or motivation, you’re not too old to change or grow. You simply need to learn what is causing you to not take action. You simply need to learn to overrule your brain and take the actions that will enable you to start living, start dating, now. Right now.

You can start dating high quality men if you want to. It doesn’t have to take forever. It doesn’t have to be hard. You don’t have to be perfect you just have to be willing to ask for help. I am here to help you.

I want to offer you the chance of a lifetime! You can learn the reason that you are not doing all the things you want to do to create the relationship you want. And you can learn why the things you are doing aren’t working.

Here’s your chance to answer that sneaking suspicion you’ve had. Haven’t you always known that there’s something you don’t know? In only 20 minutes, and at no cost to you, you will learn what it is that has been keeping you from the love you desire – and I promise you, it’s not what you think it is.

Only by knowing what’s been causing the results you have now, you’ll know how to create the results you want tomorrow. Yes, it can be that quick! Invest 20 minutes in yourself today so you can have the life you want forever after.

Are you really ready to create an enriched, romantic relationship? Do you desire that one long-lasting love?

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