Love is in the air! Not just because Valentine’s Day is about to turn the corner, but because love is always in the air.

Love is always around us, and compassion, sincerity, truth, kindness, generosity – they’re all there for us and it’s up to us to step up and take our share. How do we do that? By feeling all of those things within ourselves and then spreading them around. By believing we can and then doing it.

You might think it’s not up to you, that you have to wait to see what others are doing, how they’re acting so that you can then react. Let’s think about that word.

Reacting basically means that you are acting in the same way that someone else just did. They acted and then you re-acted to them. There are a lot of people acting in a lot of negative, unhealthy, downright mean ways, and when we are not mindful we can start acting just like them. That’s what I call air pollution.

How about if for this week you start to practice a little more mindfulness in your day? Perhaps you can pause for a moment after someone says something and decide whether it’s coming from an emotion you want to pass along, or if you’d like to respond with a different feeling rather than reacting in kind.

You have the ability to control the feelings you feel, and when you start to take advantage of your power and put forward more beneficial emotions you’ll positively impact not only your own results, but the feelings of others around you as well. Then they’ll start to positively impact their own results and so on, and so on, and… That’s how to start a revolution!

Are you really ready to create an enriched, romantic relationship? Do you desire that one long-lasting love?

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