20/20 Vision

Welcome to 2020!

What do you see for yourself?

What do you want to do, to be, to have?

What do you want to create, produce or accomplish that you never have before?

How do you want to feel doing it?

You truly can have all that you want in your life. How do I know? Because you created everything you have right now!

You may think that’s impossible. You may think that life happens to you that your results are determined by other people, or circumstances or whether Mercury is in retrograde.

Only if you believe it.

You see, when you believe something it becomes your truth. But you think that it’s the truth.

You have beliefs about yourself and you reinforce them every time you call yourself names or say you can’t do something or that you should have been able to do something and that you are in some way deficient, undeserving or unworthy. Then you go out into the world and look for evidence to prove your belief. Don’t you?

You do not simply believe what you see, you are seeing only what you already believe. You are having the thought first, and then you see the result.

And that’s the best news ever!

Ever single day you are unconsciously creating your results.

Now you know you can consciously create them!

My wish for you is that you will decide what you want and how you want it and see it right in front of and around you. See it. Have perfect vision.

Are you really ready to create an enriched, romantic relationship? Do you desire that one long-lasting love?

I want you to know that the most effective way to get to the heart of this issue is to have a coach like me help you. Quickly finding the root of what’s going on with you so you can start changing it right away is what I’m trained to do.

When you’re really, really ready to have the thing you really, really want and you’re ready to get help to achieve it at last, I’m only a click away!

If these ideas resonate with you and you’re ready to change your life contact me at https://lenaehrenberg.com/contact/ to schedule a free, 20-minute mini session.

Look forward, invest 20 minutes, reap the joy 2020 can deliver!