Open Your Present in the Present

Today’s the day! You’ve been waiting for it all year, dreaming about presents, eggnog and gelt and it’s finally HERE! It’s…

One week until the New Year!

Didja think I’d say something about Christmas or Hanukkah? You’ve been doing either one (or both) of those since you were a little one; I trust you’ve got that covered so you and I can talk about something you might not have so well in hand.

How are you going to create the enriched romantic relationship you so dearly desire? How will your most intimate personal relationships be more fulfilling in 2020 than they’ve been up until now?

Here’s a little gift from me to you, and I want you to open it and use it right now:

Close your eyes. Inhale. Exhale. Pause. Feel your heartbeat.

Say out loud,

“I’m so grateful for all the beautiful friends and family members, for all the people in my experience right now, who I love and who love me. And I can’t wait to see who joins me as I expand my life in new directions in the coming year!”

And then take this gratitude forward with you into the next week. And the week after that. Revel in the abundance of your gratitude and the gratitude for your abundance!

You have to do something different so in the New Year you can have something different!

You can have the love you desire!

I want you to know that the most effective way to get to the heart of this issue is to have a coach like me help you. Quickly finding the root of what’s going on with you so you can start changing it right away is what I’m trained to do.

When you’re really, really ready to have the thing you really, really want and you’re ready to get help to achieve it at last, I’m only a click away!

If these ideas resonate with you and you’re ready to change your life contact me at and we can schedule a free, 20-minute phone call.

Right now, take a moment and affirm for yourself:

The more grateful I feel the more I feel I have to be grateful for!