What Is It Costing You?

Do you ever wonder how to value your work? Do you ask yourself, “What should I charge?”

We need to learn to value our work not based on how we value our time, energy, creativity and intelligence – what we think we are giving – but by the value our clients are receiving.

What are you really doing in your work? What’s the result going to be for your client/customer? Ask yourself, “How will they be after they’ve worked with me?”

What will their lives be like after they’ve invested in my service or product?

You invested time and energy and money learning how to make, do or be the thing you are now bringing out into the world. Why?

What has it done for you? How are you different than you were before you learned it? What made you want to do it as a career and not just a hobby? Why do you want others to have this thing you might have simply kept for yourself?

When you look at all of your reasons as the return for the investment you made in yourself, you can then see your offerings as investments your clients will make in themselves.

And, just like you, people want to invest in things, whether they’re products or services that will change their lives, their results, for the better.

If you’re a potter, do you think you’re just selling mugs? As someone who, years later, is still searching for a replacement for my absolutely favorite, perfectly sized and shaped mug, I can tell you that’s not true. Your customers are investing in items that will enhance their experience of life not simply their morning coffee or afternoon tea.

I became a coach because I want every woman in the world to experience her own version of the joy I have since I invested in coaching for myself! I want every woman 50 and over to know she can create the enriched romantic relationship – that she can enrich every relationship – she desires! This is a very different result than what they have now. Your clients aren’t buying an hour of your time, they’re investing in the solution you have for the problem they have!

Approach your business the way you approach every relationship you have, including the one with yourself. Start with its value. Treat it with love and respect and see the value it adds to the world.

I believe that no matter what decision needs to be made, when you work from your value and values you’ll always know exactly what to do.

Are you searching for that person who will treat you as well or better than you treat yourself? Are you really ready to create an enriched, romantic relationship? Do you desire that one long-lasting love?

I want you to know that the most effective way to get to the heart of this issue is to have a coach like me help you. Quickly finding the root of what’s going on with you so you can start changing it right away is what I’m trained to do.

When you’re really, really ready to have the thing you really, really want and you’re ready to get help to achieve it at last, I’m only a click away!

If these ideas resonate with you and you’re ready to change your life contact me at info@lenaehrenberg.com and we can schedule a free, 25-minute phone call.

Right now, take a moment and affirm for yourself:

My investments keep paying big dividends, for myself and others!