Trick or Treat?

Tomorrow is Halloween and so I’ve been thinking about witches and goblins and tricking and treating and … ghosting!

To me, ghosting is part of the search for comfort.

And avoiding discomfort.

Some will say they leave without saying why because they don’t want to hurt the person by telling them the truth. That’s B.S. and we all know it, right?

Have you ever had someone you were getting to know and like leave? Did it make you feel any better for the person to just disappear without a trace, or did you still feel hurt?

What about when you’ve done the leaving? When you choose to end a relationship, at whatever stage it’s in, without saying why it’s uncomfortable. It’s not that the person won’t feel hurt it’s just that you won’t have to see it; you won’t have to deal with that person’s feelings.

Or your own.

It’s not the fact that you ended the relationship that causes their hurt feelings, it’s what they think about what you did. So, it’s not your fault if they feel hurt by your not wanting to date them anymore. It is, though, your responsibility as a human to act with integrity.

It’s much more likely that there will be less hurt if their experience of you is as someone who acted with dignity and showed them respect, rather than trying to avoid everyone’s feelings – including your own.

Do you often experience ghosting in your relationships?

Do men leave you, or are you usually the one to do the leaving?

Would you like to create many enriched, romantic relationships on the way to that one long-lasting love?

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Right now, take a moment and affirm for yourself:

Showing up for myself fully and completely is a treat!