Love & Commitment

September 11 was my parents’ wedding anniversary. It’s a day I’ve always associated with love and commitment.

My mom passed away suddenly on September 22, 2000 eleven days after their 52nd anniversary.

On September 11, 2001 my phone rang a little after 6am in Los Angeles and I saw it was my dad. Then I heard his voice; he sounded incoherent and my first thought was, “It’s his first anniversary without mom, he’s really unhappy.” Then I realized he was panicked, screaming, crying, rambling, about skyscraper buildings, towers and planes and fire. He kept yelling, “Turn on CBS! Turn on CBS!” So I did. And I realized he wasn’t simply upset. I wasn’t sure at that point if he even realized it was their anniversary.

For the next two days my dad sat in New York and I sat in L.A. watching repeats of skyscraper buildings, towers and planes and fire.

After my mom passed I felt sorry that she died too soon.

I’m grateful she wasn’t here to see what happened on ‘her’ day of love and commitment.

And every year I choose to associate this day with love and commitment.

No matter what the circumstance I get to choose what I think of it.