Who must you be in order to have the life you want?

How will you think and feel and act when you are the woman who lives your intended life?

You will be different by the time you reach your goal. You’ll have to be.

If you were that woman now, you’d be living that life now.

You’d be married. You’d have children. You’d be the CEO of your own company. Or whatever other thing it is that you want, if you were her now it would be done.

Something will be different about you, probably many things. Going from A to B does not involve great change, but going from A to Z well, that’s a journey. And the fun thing about journeys is we never know what we’ll experience along the way!

Not wanting to “waste your time” by going out with men who will not be your husband is suggesting that the end result – marriage – is the only outcome of dating.

What if you learn things in the process? What if you learn things about yourself, and men and relationships and human interactions and likes and dislikes and habits and desires and … the possibilities are endless!

What might you learn? What if you learn exactly the things that will help make you the woman who has everything that you want?

If your only goal in dating is the end result you are missing the true opportunity – learning and growing and, to coin a phrase… becoming.

I hope your goal in life is to become. Become better. Not better than someone else, better than you last year, last month, or yesterday. Better, greater, wiser, grander.

THAT’S why we engage in relationships!

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Right now, take a moment and affirm for yourself:

Sitting alongside that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow will be a grander me!