Decide For Yourself

Who are you allowing to determine your worth?

Who are you allowing to determine your value?

Do you believe everything that other people say about you?

That was a trick question.

Because here’s the thing, Smart Girl. I bet that if you do allow other people to determine your value if you believe only the mean, belittling, negative things you aren’t really believing everything other people say.

Plenty of people are saying really positive things. They’re telling you what they think you’re good at, how nice you are, how competent, how lucky – but for some reason, you’re only believing the negative things people say.

And that is translating into you believing you have very little worth. Or value.

And if you are someone who determines your own worth, I bet you’re more likely to believe the positive things other people say. Funny how it works that way.

If this resonates with you know that just because it feels like it’s been this way forever it doesn’t have to stay this way forever.

You, right now, in this moment, get to decide how you want to feel for the rest of your life.

And when you decide how you want to feel you can get to work creating it!

I know you can do it! I also know you will feel so much better on the other side! And when you need help, I’m only a click away.

Do you desire more love in your life? You can have more love!

Do you want to have more fun dating? You can have more fun!

Don’t know where to start or how to get to the next rung of the relationship ladder? I would love to help! Please contact me at and we can schedule a free, 20 minute phone call so that you can tell me what you believe is holding you back and I can offer you at least one, specific, action you can take that will change your results.

What if today is the day you take an action that propels you forward into the rest of your happy, loving, romantic life!

Right now, take a moment and affirm for yourself:

I decide how to think, feel, act and be and then I do it!