Just Ask!

Have you ever noticed that when you feel the lack of something in your life you think that it’s about who you are?

If you feel unloved you think you’re unlovable.

If you feel unappreciated you think you’re meant to just give and never receive.

If you feel lonely you think it’s because nobody likes you.

None of this is true!

What’s true is your feelings are leading you to act in ways that are preventing these things from coming to you.

It’s not who you are, it’s how you are!

When you feel unlovable, unappreciated and lonely you hide.

Maybe you binge-watch. Or binge-drink. Or binge-eat. Or binge-shop.

The possibilities are endless…….

I have been dealing with a lot of moving parts lately and realized that I can’t get it all done myself. So I decided to ask for help.

And not only are all of these things getting accomplished I’ve discovered a lovely benefit – I feel loved! And appreciated. And certainly not lonely; people are coming out of everywhere to help me!

So here’s my cure-all for you, Smart Girl:

If you’re feeling unloved ask for help.

If you’re feeling unappreciated ask for help.

If you’re feeling lonely ask for help.

I know you can do it! I also know you will feel so much better on the other side! And when you need help, I’m only a click away.

Do you desire more love in your life? You can have more love!

Do you want to have more fun dating? You can have more fun!

Don’t know where to start or how to get to the next rung of the relationship ladder? I would love to help! Please contact me at info@lenaehrenberg.com and we can schedule a free, 20 minute phone call so that you can tell me what you believe is holding you back and I can offer you at least one, specific, action you can take that will change your results.

What if today is the day you take an action that propels you forward into the rest of your happy, loving, romantic life!

Right now, take a moment and affirm for yourself:

People love to help me as much as I love to help them!