The Diamond Rule

What do you do when you are obligated to do something for which you believe you need motivation – and you’re just not feelin’ it?

And by obligated, I mean that you’ve promised yourself that this time you will do this thing – write a blog post, paint a picture, clean your closet – something that will help you in some way. You haven’t promised someone else, just you.

Do you even consider the promises you’ve made to yourself to be obligations? I didn’t used to. Now I do.

Like sitting down to write this post at 10pm so that it will still be posted on Wednesday – at least in my time zone. I am obliged to no one but myself to post a blog every Wednesday for one year. I’ve already sacrificed one to the forces of technology; I’m not about to lose one to ‘my day got away from me and now I don’t feel motivated.’

Because that would truly be a loss.

To myself.

I was talking to someone today who said that she thinks if she takes at least a small action on a task that will create motivation to continue with that project to completion. Then she said sometimes it works, sometimes not. Usually not.

That’s because she’s trying to do it backwards. She’s trying to take an action in order to create a feeling that will enable her to take more action. But it’s not our actions that fuel our feelings, it’s our feelings that fuel our actions. And what creates our feelings? Our thoughts.

So, if you want to motivate yourself to perform a task that will create a result, decide on a thought that you can think that will create a feeling of motivation – then, as they say, just do it.

When I realized that this one post plays a huge part in my achieving my goal of posting a blog every Wednesday for an entire year I felt motivated to take the necessary action.

I set my timer for 20 minutes and I started to write.

And the result will be not only that I will move myself another week closer to my intended result, I will also fulfill an obligation to myself.

My words and actions will match.

I will treat myself with as much respect as I treat others to whom I have obligations.

I will treat myself with as much respect as I wish others to treat me.

All that good in 20 minutes – imagine what you could accomplish in that amount of time!

I know you can do it! I also know you will feel so much better on the other side! And if you need help, I’m only a click away.

Do you desire more love in your life? You can have more love!

Do you want to have more fun dating? You can have more fun!

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What if today is the day you take an action that propels you forward into the rest of your happy, loving, romantic life!

Right now, take a moment and affirm for yourself:

I live by the Diamond Rule – I treat myself well and I don’t worry about how others treat me! Because the way they treat me is indicative of how they feel about themselves, not me.