“Numbers Game”

People say dating is a numbers game and I wholeheartedly disagree.

This suggests you should just date tons of people and eventually you’ll meet ‘the one.’

Um, no, that’s not successful in sales and it certainly isn’t successful in love. Unfortunately that’s what some new business owners think; that their product is good for absolutely everybody in the world and they just have to talk to absolutely everybody in the world and people will buy their product.

When I was young that’s how someone who claimed to be a very successful salesperson taught me. Worst time of my life. Whenever I was outside of my home I approached absolutely every person I saw and had the ‘conversation’ with them. I could never relax and I certainly wasn’t having the ‘life’ I was promised would come with the freedom of having my own business. I wasn’t free at all. I couldn’t go to a party without having those conversations, I couldn’t go to the grocery store or the car wash or relax at a spa. I couldn’t ever enjoy any event for what it was supposed to be. I wasn’t having any fun and I resented it, which certainly wasn’t good for my business.

Targeted marketing – know your customer so well that you know where they are most likely to be. You’ll know them when you see them and have a conversation with them about what you have to offer that fits them, then you’re providing a service and not just trying to ‘sell’ things to people who don’t want or need them.

If you’re going out with everybody you meet, if you’re agreeing to meet every man you’re interacting with online, if you’re telling your friends to set you up with every single man they know, because, “you never know’ and because you think it’s a question of numbers – you’re probably not having any fun dating, are you Smart Girl?

You probably have a lot of stories about men who don’t look like their pictures, who are older than they claimed, who aren’t what they presented themselves to be. And you’re using these experiences to bolster your conviction that it’s hard to date, and then you’re repeating over and over to all of your friends, “all men are … “ You’re collecting war stories on your path to love.

I want you to have stories like mine – I’ve met amazing men with whom I’ve had fun dates full of great conversations and they simply weren’t for me. Period. No drama. No negative generalizations. I tell love stories, not war stories!

But, Lena, how do I guarantee that I’ll go out with men like the ones you described? While there are no guarantees in life, there are steps you can take to make your chances of positive outcomes much more likely.

The process to having fun dating starts way before you agree to meet a man in person. It starts with you – knowing who you are and who will best complement you. And compliment you! 😉

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Right now, take a moment and affirm to yourself:

Every person I meet is a chapter in my love story!