Don’t Lie to Yourself About Love

Don’t lie to yourself. 

That’s what my coach said to me. We were talking about a goal that is very important to me, and she asked why I wanted to achieve it and I told her two of my many reasons. 

One of the options was for me to think, “Ouch, that was harsh,” which I did for a second. And I felt wounded. And feeling wounded I started to wonder, does she think I’m lying about my reasons or are my reasons not good enough? Then I started to spin into questioning if they are good enough and if I hadn’t caught myself I could have drilled myself right down into feeling unworthy from thinking, I’m not good enough. If I tried to take the necessary actions toward my goal while feeling unworthy that would have been the end of it.

Do you see how that works? 

Have you ever realized that you’ve said or done something you wish you hadn’t, or not said or done something you wish you had? Was it a reaction to something someone else said or did, like the way I reacted to my coach telling me to not lie to myself? Yes, well, here’s the thing about that…

I didn’t feel wounded because of what she said, I felt wounded because I thought, “Ouch, that was harsh.” I’ll say that again – contrary to what you’ve been taught since you were little, someone else’s actions don’t ever cause your feelings. The only thing that ever causes your feelings is your thoughts.

So if I had told her my reasons for wanting to achieve this goal and she’d said, don’t lie to yourself, and I’d thought, I don’t ever lie to myself, who are you talking to, obviously you don’t know me, this would have been a very different blog post. But it’s about me almost winding up in a spiral of self-doubt and blowing a golden opportunity.

I can so totally relate to that.

So, at those times when you realized you said or did, or didn’t say or do, the thing you wish you had or hadn’t, what did you do? Did you beat yourself up, or bemoan your penchant for self-sabotage? (did you read last week’s blog post?) Read it here  

Before you step onto the yellow brick road toward self-condemnation, please pause and repeat after me, “Oh, look at me being a beautiful human!” Because honestly, that’s what you’ve been doing, and you’ve been doing a darn good job of it! So here’s the secret, here’s the opportunity you’ve always wanted. Here’s the fork in the road. You were taught something backwards, that things or people are responsible for your feelings, so your outcomes have been backwards too. Now that you know that only your thoughts are responsible for your feelings you get to right your emotional ship. You now get to take full responsibility for all of your outcomes in your relationships! 

Not feeling as excited as you might have thought you would? It’s scary to realize that you actually have control over something you’ve always been taught is out of your control. It’s a big responsibility to have autonomy. And it’s so worth it! And you can do it!

What do I do now?

Even though the outcomes you’ve been repeating all your life haven’t been what you wanted, after all this time they are familiar. And there’s comfort in familiarity. And a whole lot of discomfort in change. So, what can you do to ensure that you don’t just lull yourself into a false sense of comfort glued to the sofa with a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and the TV remote? Especially during this period of time when you’re being begged to stay home? You talk to someone who can help guide you away from the outcome you keep repeating and toward the outcome you really, really want.

Yes, it really can be simple. Not easy, simple. But I bet in order to finally meet that high quality man, to create that enriched romantic relationship, you’re willing to put your energy and focus into things that are not easy, aren’t you?

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You’re an expert in you.

Each of us has something that we are particularly gifted at. What none of us is at all good at, without a lot of practice, is seeing inside our own thoughts. It takes a lot of conscious awareness, it takes training, it takes someone showing us a process to do it, and do it consistently, in order for us to eventually become the Watchers of our own thoughts. 

You are an expert in you and nobody can tell you what choices to make. Once you meld your expertise with more self-awareness, foresight and start to view the world and all the men in it through your own personalized lens of love, your relationship outcomes will soar and you’ll experience life like a hot-air balloon ride – up above the clouds, beautiful, amazing!

Yes, you can have a fulfilling relationship with a quality man.

Yes, you can enjoy the intimacy, tenderness, companionship, desire and love that you’ve dreamt of but don’t quite believe will happen to you. Well, that’s because it won’t happen to you, it will happen because of you, along with me. Because you are an expert in you and I am an expert in a technique that is not like anything else you’ve read about, heard about or experienced. You are going to learn how to create your desired relationship results without tricks or rules or endless texting.

Yes, especially now, you can have the enriched romantic relationship you desire!

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For a Quality Relationship Send Quality Messages

Are you sending mixed messages? 

That’s the question I’ve asked myself on numerous occasions. It usually comes up when I didn’t create the outcome I’d hoped for and I’m trying to figure out how to change it going forward. Each time the answer was yes. My actions weren’t leading to my hoped-for effect, something in the process was not going according to plan, and it was always a shock when I finally saw that the problem was … me. 

You really want to create different outcomes in your life and you keep circling back around and meeting yourself exactly where you started.  One thing you may want to change is to have more fun dating, so you can ultimately create the enriched romantic relationship you desire! If that’s not happening for you and one reason is you’re sending mixed messages, let me help you catch yourself in the act so you can do something much more productive. 

Mixed messages are a form of self-sabotage, and if you’ve ever realized after the fact that you did that to yourself it could be because you’ve got competing desires. And chances are you’re not even aware that you do. You may be very conscious of wanting something very much. You may not be at all conscious of not wanting the very same thing. Wanting a fulfilling, enriched romantic relationship with a quality man, and believing that dating is hard or there are no good men out there or that you’ll be forced to give up everything that’s good in your life right now in order to have it, is one way that you send mixed messages – to yourself.

How can I want something and also not want it?

You want a relationship because of how you’ll feel when you’re in it. You’ll feel amazing, loved, desired, cherished, adored. You just know that all of that will come from your man! But let’s think about other things that you also want. You want to feel comfortable, you want to feel safe, you may even want to always feel right about the choices you’ve made up until now. 

Starting something new is fraught with unknowns, and unknowns feel really uncomfortable. And unknowns don’t feel very safe. And if you make different choices now to have a different life going forward does that mean the choices you’ve made up until now were … wrong? How can you feel right about something that was wrong?

Once you’re aware of the ways you send mixed messages to yourself you may be able to see more clearly how you are doing it with others. I once met a man online who I was really excited about. We went out a couple of times and I couldn’t wait to see him again. We made a date to speak on the phone one evening and I looked forward to it all day! And then I fell asleep and awoke to realize I missed his call. Then I called him and he didn’t answer. It took a couple of days for us to catch up with each other. 

I’ve done it other times with not checking my messages and realizing someone had called me a long while before and I hadn’t called back. And these were with men I saw potential in!

You have the ability to learn new things now.

The term self-sabotage sounds so intentional, doesn’t it? It’s one of the things you might use against yourself to beat up on yourself, part of the way you collect evidence about why you shouldn’t be in a relationship – but please know that’s all part of the same mixed message. Your brain is just trying to look for any way possible to keep you safe, and like we saw above, doing new things doesn’t feel safe. Even when it’s a new thing you really, really want.

So, you’re not crazy, you’re not wrong, it’s perfectly okay that it’s been happening. And now you can change it!

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You have to focus on the thing that you really, really want.

You feel like you’ve done everything, right? You’ve tried online dating, getting set up by friends, going to MeetUps and church or temple events, yet you always wind up in the same place – alone on your sofa every Saturday night. Well, right now we’re all alone on our sofas on Saturday night, but now that you are aware of one of the reasons you’ve been getting the same outcomes even though you’ve done so many different things,  you can start to take steps to change all of it. And now is the perfect time!

It never occurred to me that even though I really wanted to be in a relationship because of all the yummy goodness, there might also be some uncomfortable feelings. The voice in my head who always wants me to be safe makes that mean I shouldn’t do that. So I was unconsciously focusing on that, and taking actions to protect myself rather than the actions that would take me closer to my actual desire.

Now I know to put my focus on what I want, and let that voice in my head scream as loud as she wants… and you can, too! 

Yes, you can.

You can take this gift of time and create the ultimate joy for yourself! You think you’ve tried it all, but what if you really haven’t? You can learn unique techniques that are personalized for you- you can have fun on every single date!

Yes, especially now, you can have the fulfilling relationship you desire!

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Quality Dating Questions

What’s your sign? 

Remember that? Was it just an urban legend, or did men really used to walk up to women in bars and ask them what their astrological sign was? 

What it means is, what’s your label? Tell me one thing about you that I can latch onto and define you by it. Hey, you can’t do that, Geminis don’t do that. Really, you want to do that? I didn’t think Geminis do that, do they? You probably can’t really do that, you should reconsider your desire.

How do you label yourself? What have you decided about yourself? That you are a woman who always, or never, or sometimes … what? 

Maybe you’re not conscious of your label, so tell me how you talk to yourself. When you’re having a conversation in your head – and we all have them – what words do you say? Do you start out like you’re talking to your best friend or child, “Hi honey, how was your day?” or do your convos go more along the lines of, “I’m not good at that” or “I’ll never figure this out” or “I always choose the wrong man.”

How do you want to talk to yourself?

These words that you repeat to yourself over and over reinforce the label you have. When you keep telling yourself you’re not good at something and you’ll never figure it out you’re labeling yourself as someone who’s not good at that. And not only are you not currently good at it, you’ll never be good at it – You’re limiting yourself.

And right now your life is very different, your usual activities are upended, you’ve got so much more time to be talking to yourself. You’ve got to catch yourself! You’ve got to listen carefully and notice when you’re telling yourself a story that labels and limits you.

I changed my talk by changing my thought first.

When I had a girl cat I used to call her sweet girl. That wasn’t her name, that’s how I spoke to her. When I was a foster mother to a baby girl I called her sweet girl. That wasn’t her name, that’s how I talked to her.

My turning point came one day when I caught myself saying something really mean to myself and the voice in my head screamed, “Why don’t you ever call yourself sweet girl?”

I wasn’t expressing as much love to myself as I did to everyone else in my home. 

And from that moment forward I have. 

If you’d like help applying these life-changing ideas in your own life click here and let’s talk!

Let’s talk thoughts.

I didn’t simply say different words to myself and hope that would make a difference in how I felt. I changed the thought that was at the root of my negative labeling. The thought that changed not only my talk, it also changed my life, “I am a worthy person and I deserved to show myself love and compassion.”

I am so much more kind to myself, I am so much more gentle with myself, I am so much more committed to my self-worth and self-care than I used to be. I’ve created the fulfilling relationship that I’ve always wanted. And since I’ve done it for myself I’ve become much more able to create it with others.

Yes, you can.

You are worthy of love, compassion and a sense of personal fulfillment. You deserve to be in love with anyone you want, and it will be so much more fun when you start with yourself!

Yes, even now, you can have the fulfilling relationship you desire!

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Your Best Relationship With Your Feelings

Today is the first day of the rest of your life! 

That doesn’t mean that every day is going to be like this one, it means that you have just as much control over what you do with this day as you do with any other. Really.

What are you going to do about it?

It’s up to you. Even now. You have the right and the ability to make this day what you want it to be. It’s true that you can’t change what’s happening outside your door, what you can change is what’s happening in your head. And that will make all the difference to this day in your life and ultimately to the rest of it.

If you feel like things are okay, you’re acclimating to being indoors, you’re keeping busy with projects and things, then good. Maybe you don’t need to figure out anything different. But here’s what I realized about myself.

I didn’t notice my feelings I noticed my actions.

I wasn’t a child who received Easter baskets, although as an adult I have occasionally picked up a chocolate egg or a Peep, just because I thought it would be fun, although I haven’t done it in the last two years. When I was buying groceries last week I noticed a display of Easter candy and tossed a bag of chocolate eggs in my cart.

Last night I ate the entire bag. This morning I woke up and asked myself why.

I’ve learned that when I ask myself why I’m doing something the answer is not a circumstance; the thing that’s happening is not a reason for my actions. I know that my actions are a result of what I’m feeling, and those feelings are coming from thoughts I’m thinking.

I had the beautiful opportunity to truly examine my feelings right now, and then took the time to figure out the thoughts I was not even aware I was thinking that were creating those feelings that led me to eat candy I don’t even want. 

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How about a feelings diet?

Almost 2 years ago I lost the last 22 pounds I’ll ever have to lose. Two years ago, and those pounds are still off. The way that I lost the weight is so very different from the way I’d ever lost weight before that I never worry that I’ll regain them like I have after each diet I’ve ever been on before. I know I’ll have totally different long-term results.

I didn’t lose my desire for sweets I lost my desire to eat sweets instead of feeling my feelings. I’ll give you an example – one day last year I met a friend for lunch. We were looking at the menus, she asked me about the man I’d been dating and I told her we’d ended the relationship. She said, “Oh, well then obviously we’re going to have dessert.” I had no idea what she was talking about.

I asked her why we would do that? She said, “Because you broke up and you’re going to tell me about it.” I still had no idea what she was talking about.

I don’t have to go back to my old habits or behaviors. Even when they have brought me comfort in the past. Today is a new day. It’s the first day of the rest of my life.

This can be the best day of your life!

If you are doing things that feed you emotionally, spiritually, creatively – good for you! If not, would you like to? Would you like to use this time, these days to create the life you desire?

Yes, even now, you can have the fulfilling relationship you desire!

If you’d like to learn how to feel better and create the enriched romantic relationship you desire, along with a better relationship with yourself, please click on to schedule a free, 20-minute coaching session. 

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You Are Not Alone in Needing or Giving Kindness

Does it feel like the world is a very different place from the way it was two weeks ago? If you said yes you are not alone. 

What have you noticed?

I’ve noticed over the last weeks that when I smile or say hello to someone on the street they smile back, and often say hello. When I’m shopping for friends who aren’t leaving their homes and I ask for assistance, the clerk stops what they’re doing and gives me their attention and stays with me until I’ve found what my friend needs. I’ve noticed that when someone asks how I am, it sounds to me as if they really care. The thing is, they’re not different, I am. They always cared. They’re not speaking differently, I’m hearing differently because I’m thinking different thoughts about them, and that is making all the difference in the way I feel. I’m thinking the same thoughts about them that I’m thinking about you.

The thoughts I’m thinking about you right now are: I hope you’re protecting yourself mentally as well as physically. I hope you’re taking good care of your mind and your body. I hope you’re putting as much thought into nourishing yourself emotionally, mentally and spiritually as physically.

If there are ideas here that you’d like to implement in your own life and need some help getting started, click on to schedule a free, 20-minute coaching session.

 We have always been this kind.

 Some say that people are kinder now but I don’t believe that’s true. I believe that people are inherently kind, and that for some reason they don’t tend to show it under normal circumstances. But as we keep hearing – these are not normal circumstances. Or are they?

We are in an extraordinary period of time right now because everyone all around the world is having an experience of the same circumstance – and yet different people are having very different experiences of it. There have been other pandemics throughout history, there have been comparisons made to the pandemic of 1918 that claimed the lives of millions around the world, and yet the thing that makes this time seem so different is the same thing that will ultimately stem the tide – technology. What adds to the extraordinariness of it is that this is the first time in history we are all seeing each other, all around the world, go through it together, in real time, via the internet. 

How about a news diet? 

The internet is a blessing for sharing science and medicine and best physical health practices and what’s worked and what hasn’t and how to cut down the physical spread of the disease and how to tell people to stay at home en masse – what it is as equally a blessing for that is actually a detriment, is the spread of the mental disease of fear. 

 How is it possible that some people are very fearful for their physical health and the health of their loved ones and others aren’t? My guess is that the ones who don’t have pre-existing physical conditions that actually put them at greater risk and are still extremely fearful are the ones who are not protecting themselves mentally from the spread of the fear. Not only are they not protecting themselves from it, they are actively bringing it into their experience.

They are not standing porter at the door of thought. They are spending a lot of time watching the news and scrolling through online sites and in chats with others who are as fearful as they are, and each ‘touch’ is compounding their level of fear.

Please, have compassion for yourself as you do for others.

 My wish for you, my compatriot in self-compassion, is that you take as good care of your mind as your body, that you practice true self-care in the form of limiting your intake of news and information so that it doesn’t inflame your thoughts and stoke fear. Please cleanse your thoughts as carefully as you wash your hands, and nourish yourself in as many ways as you can think of including more time clearing your mental clutter and less time imbibing the news of the latest negative numbers – both the corona virus and the stock market.

Yes, even now, you can have a fulfilling relationship – with yourself!

How do you clear your mental clutter? One of the best ways I know of is to do daily thought downloads. It is exactly how it sounds – take out a piece of paper and a pen and write down every sentence, every thought, every idea, that is running in your head at that moment. It’s really cleansing to do this first thing in the morning when you awaken, especially when you combine it with another mindful practice such as meditation or a gratitude exercise. But even if you only do it for a couple of minutes in the middle of the day it is still worthwhile and cleansing. It’s amazing to start to see the thoughts you’ve believed to be truths for what they really are – sentences on paper with no more power than that.

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Think Your Way to Feeling Better

Do you feel like the world is a very different place from the way it was a short week ago? You’re not alone. How are you feeling about it?

That might seem like a funny question to ask, but there are a lot of different people in the world and a lot of different feelings coming up right now. Some are feeling worried; either about their families, about their jobs, their own health or about staying at home for so long because they like to be out and active and social. Some are feeling angry, because they had a lot of very important plans coming up, and now they’re either postponed or cancelled all together.

Some are feeling sad, thinking about all the people who are being adversely affected, the illnesses and the losses, and the economic repercussions. Worry, anger, sadness … isn’t it fascinating that there are so many different ways to feel about the same circumstance?

Start With Your Own Feelings

 It really is amazing to realize that pretty much everyone in the entire world is experiencing the same circumstance. So if it’s the same, how is it possible that people are having different feelings? Even though it seems like your feelings are dependent on something that happens – a circumstance – in truth, every feeling you have starts with your thought about that circumstance.

 Are you feeling worried right now? What are you thinking? Are you thinking about the health of your friends and loved ones? Are you thinking about how your job might be, or has already been, affected? Perhaps you’re simply wondering how long this period of staying at home will last. Thoughts about uncertainty will generally lead to feeling worried.

 Here’s something else you might be thinking that many people are not talking about openly, and I’d like us to be honest with each other.

Are you feeling sad or frustrated because you’re thinking about dating and wondering how long this is all going to last, and wondering if you’ll lose your momentum on the dating scene, and you don’t know how to broach this topic with people? Are you feeling bad because you think you shouldn’t be thinking about it? It’s perfectly natural to still be thinking about dating. Circumstances changed, you didn’t. You are still a woman who has a deep desire to create an enriched romantic relationship – a fulfilling relationship with a quality man.

You are not wrong, you are not selfish, you are not alone. You are in the prime of your life and you have the right to experience joy and love in a relationship that feeds you in multiple ways.

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You Can Feel Better and Create the Relationship You Desire!

Are the feelings you are feeling right now serving you? Are they feelings that enable you to get out of bed in the morning and do something meaningful with your time and energy? Even if you’re not at work are you being productive at home? And yes, reading that stack of books you promised yourself you’d read someday counts as productive. Or are you spending a lot of time watching or reading the news or talking to people about the news, or scrolling through Facebook reading other people’s opinions about the news?

While it’s important to be well-informed, soaking in reams of news is not conducive to creating feelings that will serve you. News headlines are constructed to shock us into paying attention. It’s their job, and they do it quite well, don’t they? For 24 hours, 7 days a week.

If you’re taking in information that is intended to shock you you are probably having thoughts about it that are leading you to feel shocked. That’s right – it’s the thoughts you’re thinking about the news that are leading you to feel shocked – not the news itself.

Is there a way you can feel well-informed without bingeing on news for hours at a time? Can you choose one trusted news source and decide you’ll only check its main page once or maybe twice a day? If you trust it, you can probably trust that the information it’s providing is correct and updated properly – and this will leave you with much more time and energy to put toward making a dating plan for yourself.

Yes, Even Now, You Can Have a Fulfilling Relationship With a Quality Man!

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Think your way to a fulfilling relationship with a quality man!

Is it possible for a single woman over 50 to have a fulfilling relationship with a quality man? Yes. And the way you create it starts with your own thoughts. You can think your way to a fulfilling relationship with a quality man!

Last week I traveled for a business workshop that had been scheduled for many months. The week before some attendees asked if it was going to go forward, and shared their concerns about flying during this time of uncertainty. On my Facebook feed I saw friends voicing their own hesitations about traveling and what caught my attention is this: The concern for every one of them was that they might wind up being quarantined. Think about that – not one person I heard from personally was scared of becoming sick, all of them were scared of the possibility of being forced to stay home. And there are many, many more people around the globe voicing the same concern. Why? 

Is it possible that unconsciously we are scared to spend too much time “at home” in our own thoughts? Let’s start to look at yours and see how you can learn to embrace them.

 Start With Your Own Thoughts

 The truth is, every result you’ve created in your life up until now has started with your thought about it. Think about that – what you think is creating your results. Whether it’s things you want and don’t have, or things you seem to keep getting when you don’t want them at all, it starts with your thought about them.

 Actually, when it comes to dating your results might be starting with other women’s thoughts about it. You’ve probably heard other women say, “Dating is hard” or “there are no good men out there” or “men my age all want younger women.,” and what do you think when you hear those things?

 If you agree with them then their thoughts become yours, and your results will be very similar to theirs. And even if you don’t actively agree with them, you may start thinking about their statements, turning them over in your mind, wondering if it’s possible that they’re correct … and pretty soon your mind is filled with these thoughts, and you are feeling feelings that these thoughts create – feelings like doubt, fear and apprehension.

To be fair, you may be having thoughts that are all your own that are creating results you’d like to change. If you’ve ever wondered, “Is it possible for a single woman over 50 to have a fulfilling relationship with a quality man?,” this too is creating your current results.

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You Can Think Your Way to a Fulfilling Relationship With a Quality Man!

We’ve all been taught that something happens, we have a feeling about it, we react and then we think a lot of thoughts about it afterwards. You may think it looks like this:

A man breaks a date, you feel angry, you promise yourself that in the future you’ll be more careful of who you trust. Then going forward you are very selective about who you decide to make a date with. As a result, you hardly go on any dates, and you don’t really enjoy yourself when you do because you keep expecting him to do something else that will make you angry. And you think it’s because a man broke a date with you.

 In actuality, there is a circumstance which is neutral, you have a thought about it, that thought creates a feeling and from that feeling you take actions which create your result. It really looks like this:

A man breaks a date. You have a thought about that, possibly, “Men always break dates with me.” You feel angry because of this thought. In your anger you decide to protect yourself in the future, so you really grill the men you meet, you question whether they will really do what they say they will, you expect them to break your dates and ultimately you agree to very few dates. 

The result is, you go on very few dates and you don’t really enjoy yourself when you do. It’s because you started with the thought, “Men always break dates with me.”

Yes, You Can Have a Fulfilling Relationship With a Quality Man!

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Thoughts About … Dating

Pssst, do you wanna know a secret? Come closer…

When you were younger, did you envision what it would be like when you were in love?

Did you imagine you’d always feel happy? Always feel satisfied? Always feel cherished? Did you envision always feeling loving toward the object of your affection?

Did you ever consider what you’d be thinking when you were in love? Because the secret to having the relationship you really want is all in your head.

Every relationship you have ever had and will ever have in the future is made up of your thoughts about that person.

How is this possible? Well, consider how many times you’ve been out with someone and you had an amazing time … and he didn’t call again.

And think about how many times you’ve been with someone for whom you felt no affection … and he thought you were the one!

These scenarios happen because you and your dates were thinking very different thoughts about each other. And if you want to create change in your relationship status you must begin with making change in your thoughts.

You’ve tried apps, chats and raising your vibration and none of it has made a difference.

None of the actions you took created the result you desire because it’s not about what you do so much as what and how you think about what you do.

Even the way you imagined you’d feel isn’t going to happen if you’re not consciously creating thoughts that will spur you to those feelings.

But I’ve thought these thoughts all my life, I can’t just change now, can I? Yes, you can. There is a way to change your thoughts and it will lead you to such happiness you will be glad you didn’t wait a minute longer!

You can have the love you’ve been seeking. Please make an appointment for your private, 20-minute coaching session so you can learn why you’ve had the experiences you’ve had up until now. That’s the first step in creating the new results you want.

I promise you that in only 20-minutes you will get answers to questions you’ve been asking yourself for a long, long time.

Are you really ready to create an enriched, romantic relationship? Do you want that one long-lasting love of your life?

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