About Lena

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Let me tell you about the best-worst thing I’ve ever done in my life. I was so obsessed with not wanting to spend my 40th birthday alone in L.A. that I searched for some fabulously exciting way to distract myself. I spent a week hiking in Provence, and then went to Paris for 3 days. Alone. Let me say that again – I didn’t want to turn 40 alone in Los Angeles, so I WENT TO THE MOST ROMANTIC PLACE IN THE UNIVERSE ALONE ON MY BIRTHDAY.

Smart girl, not brilliant.

I’m a commercial actress, a foster mama and an advocate for women and girls. I’m also single.

Being an actress I worked as a waitress and a temp so I’ve had more first days on the job than any ten people I know. And having been single all my life I’ve also had more first dates than those same ten people. Each of those experiences required me to adapt to new situations, new people, new ways to do … everything! All of this enabled me to grow and I’m grateful every day for every choice I made.

Even that trip to France.

I’ve learned what it takes to thrive, and sometimes what it takes is help.

I used to believe it when other women said dating was hard. So it was.

I used to believe it when other women said all men were alike. So they were.

Now I know the truth –

Dating is fun!

Good men are everywhere!

You experience what you are willing to believe!

Relationship coaching has totally up-leveled my life. All of my life; all of my relationships, all of my experiences, all of my results.

Are you ready to up-level yours?



Certified Family Visitation Coach-Monitor, DCFS Los Angeles County                                          Member International Coach Federation, Los Angeles Chapter